Budget Committee Minutes

September 23rd, 2010

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Time: 8:30 pm
  • Present: Vice President Isaac Hodes, Treasurer Sarah Duane, and members Isak Skov, Will Ladner, Justin Jack, Marc Boyce, Rob Marks, Cooper Buss, Alex Siemers, Yoni Blumberg, and Amy Sun
  • Secretary: Adele Daniel

I. 8:30pm Jun Young Park / Korean Students Association

  • Amount Requested: $413
  • Budget Committee Recommendation: $413

II. 8:40pm Callie Millington / Farm House

  • Amount Requested: $220
  • Budget Committee Recommendation: $0

III. 8:50pm Julio Rodriguez / Carleton Claymation Club

  • Amount Requested: $75
  • Budget Committee Recommendation: $75

IV. 9:00pm Julio Rodriguez / Carleton Random Acts of Kindness Club

  • Amount Requested: $75
  • Budget Committee Recommendation: $75

V. 9:10pm Marc Boyce / CSA Senate

  • Amount Requested: $1357.80 now, and $30 later
  • Budget Committee Recommendation: $30

VI. 9:20pm Ava Navasero / The Japanese Circle

  • Amount Requested: $154
  • Budget Committee Recommendation: $154


I. 8:30pm Jun Young Park/ Korean Students Association

Amount Requested: $413

Budget Committee Recommendation: $413

Park: We are preparing for the Korean Thanksgiving day. Making food and eating together are a very important part of the event, which the KSA celebrates annually. The costs of the event are food for the more than thirty people who RSVPed, transportation, and miscellaneous other things.

Duane: So that is about twelve dollars per person. How much and what type of food are you going to buy?

Park: We have ordered thirty traditional Korean meals, with foods such as rice, beef, and vegetables.

Duane: The CSA cannot reimburse you.

Park: We have not paid yet, only ordered.

Skov: More than thirty people have already rsvp-ed?

Park: Yes, we advertised and then received the rsvps.

Jack: But you haven’t paid for anything yet?

Park: Correct.

Skov: What are the transportation costs for?

Park: They are borrowing an upperclassmen’s car to pick up the food.

Hodes: Did you use the reimbursement rate that we have posted, which is .14/mile?

Park: Yes.


Skov: Full bid.

Duane: The event looks very cool and it is good that they haven’t bought anything yet.

The budget committee’s recommends the full bid of $413.

II. 8:40pm Callie Millington / Farm House

Amount Requested: $220

Budget Committee Recommendation: $0

Millington: Farmhouse is requesting $220 for a chest freezer to put food from the garden in. They currently do not have the capacity to store all of their harvest. The freezer would help them to fulfill their message of sustainability.

Duane: Is farm house a student organization?

Millington: I am president of Farm Club, and was told to come to budget committee since farm club’s mission overlaps with the farm house. The freezer would be stored in the basement of farmhouse.

Duane: Have you asked res life about this?

Millington: Yes; they said budget committee was the perfect place to come.

Duane: What was their reason?

Millington: They just said that this was the best place to go.

Duane: Is the freezer pretty necessary for farmhouse and its occupants?

Millington: It would be used to store things from the garden that would otherwise be wasted.

Duane: Isn’t it necessary so that you guys can eat?

Millington: Without it, we would again have a winter without many green food on our plates. I could talk to res life again about the issue.


Buss: It seems wrong to use student’s money to buy a freezer that is going to sit in the basement of farmhouse.

Skov: First of all, it is not a small freezer. The food that they harvest is served to any students who come to farmhouse dinners.

Duane: Res life should pay for this. It is like not putting in a toilet in a dorm. Since res life put people in a house with the expectation that they would use what they were harvesting for dinner.  

Skov: Yes, they should seek additional sources of funding.

Duane: It isn’t Callie’s fault. Bids $0.

Skov: They need the storage space soon. Email res life right away.

Marks: This would benefit the entire Carleton community, so that I too may store whatever vegetables I may grow in the freezer. Full bid.

Skov: CSA could fund this, but it would be better if res life would pay for it.

$0 is the recommendation of budget committee to the Senate.

III. 8:50pm Julio Rodriguez / Carleton Claymation Club

Amount Requested: $75

Budget Committee Recommendation: $75

Rodriguez: The Claymation Club is requesting funds to purchase the materials needed to make a claymation movie. The supplies include plasticine, which is about $3 / kilogram. They need a few colors, as well as armature for the skeletons and tiny bits of cloth. He plans to borrow a camera.

Hodes: We can think of this request as a request for a $75 operating budget. Senate is looking at making changes to the way organizations ask for and receive this money.

Duane: Why are you saying “I” instead of “we”?

Rodriguez: Thirty people signed up for the club at the activities fair. I have asked them to come up with story ideas, but until the first meeting I don’t really know who we were are talking about.

Marks: How much of each thing and what colors?

Rodriguez: I would like ten different colors, could get up to 20. The smallest amount is a kilogram. Sometimes it would be hard to reuse the same colors.

Hodes: Remember that with the operating budget, we don’t really need to consider line items.

Boyce: How long does this stuff last?

Rodriguez: The last for ages, since you can reuse it.

Duane: What exactly is it?

Rodriguez: It is like playdoh, but does not dry out and crumble like it does.


Ladner: Full bid. He made this club all by himself and there is bound to be interest.

Skov: I would like to see an email list that at least would show that there is some interest. People sign up for a million things at the activities fair. That is my only reservation. Bid $0. Come back with just five people and I would easily give you the $75.

Boyce: Full bid for the $75 operating budget.

The budget committee votes on both bids, neither pass, return to deliberations.

Jack: There are plenty of groups which receive operating budgets and which we don’t check to see how many members they do or don’t have.

Ladner: It is already a chartered organization, so they can get the $75 in the Spring anyway, right?

Hodes: Yes, unless there is some kind of indiscretion.

Blumberg: I voted $0 before, but since they were chartered before they have members, they might as well receive the operating budget. Bid $75.

Marks: When they were chartered did they present proof that they have people in the organization?

Hodes: Not exactly, but we are trying to change that.

Marks: So any person can start any club and get chartered.

Hodes: This club was chartered because Rodriguez had been talking to people who were interested and the meeting was scheduled.

Skov: $0. I still want him to have a meeting first before he gets the money.

The budget committee recommends $75.

IV. 9:00pm Julio Rodriguez / Carleton Random Acts of Kindness Club

Amount Requested: $75

Budget Committee Recommendation: $75

Rodriguez: Crakc would also like an operating budget of $75. The point of the club is to go around campus and meet random strangers and do nice things for them. Many of these activities are actually free, such as hugs and singing. However, we would also like to make things for people, like writing letters or making figures out of paper, so we need, for example, money to buy stationary. We would also like to give out food, but would be careful to not be gifts.

Charu Kulkarni: We would also like money to purchase things like bubble blowers which would spread around and benefit everyone. We could also bake cookies to cheer people up. 82 people have signed up, which is good for a new club.

Buss: What are you making out of a pineapple?

Rodriguez: The idea for the club came from when a friend of mine and I gave people free pineapples.  Here, I am worried that that would be considered a gift.

Kulkarni: The initial idea was to give out things as gifts, but then we learned that CSA funds cannot be used really for that purpose. So we will get more creative and find things they can do for free.

Sun: I really like the idea of the club. There is a rule that states that we are not supposed to fund personal property. How will you keep things random, and not just give it out to people that you know?

Rodriguez: I am hoping that people who participate will be honest and give to strangers. We will tell them that if you know the people, ignore them. At the meeting this Saturday, people will pair up (so that they do not get disillusioned upon meeting strangers), and hopefully that will keep them more honest.

Kulkarni: We can also carry out activities in Northfield, where there are more strangers.

Boyce: When CSA funds things, they are technically the property of all of CSA, so that all of campus could potentially use them.

Marks: They could be stored in campus activities.


Duane: They have done a lot of work on this. Especially a lot of work to make sure that it is not considered personal property. However, they cannot work in Northfield with CSA funds. Full $75 bid for an operating budget. With that, the food is not really an issue.

Skov: Usually when we fund food it is for something other than food, not just for food. People like food. At the same time, we don’t ask people what they are using the operating budget for. If the last one was precedence, we should fund this too. If they come back for more money later, they will have to be really specific about what they are doing.

Hodes: We do ask what they use the operating budget for.

Blumberg: We don’t fund food just for attendance, but do when it is clearly integral to the event. This is somewhat of a gray area, and obviously would be very complicated if they  come back asking for more money.

Marks: I agree with Skov; when we gave out operating budgets in the spring, we pretty much always gave them. I support the full bid, but would not be for giving them money in the future.

Hodes: In the bylaws, it does say that the operating budget has to be spent in accordance with CSA guidelines.

Marks: We gave it the fishery club.

Hodes: That is a totally different issue. We don’t intentionally give operating budget money to tings that are not within the guidelines.

Sun: At the activities fair, many organizations had a tub of candy out, probably purchased with the operating budget money. Still, the food promoted the club’s purpose and is in that way justified.

$75 is the recommendation of Budget Committee to the Senate.

V. 9:10pm Marc Boyce / CSA Senate

Amount Requested: $1357.80 now, and $30 later

Budget Committee Recommendation: $30

Boyce: There are to be class picnics next Tuesday starting at 5:30pm and going until 7pm. The class representatives have been planning it for quite a while. The problem is what to do with the off board students, since the dinner is being provided by Bon Appétit. The deans decided that they could split the cost of these students with the CSA. They also need the amount of money, $60, to pay for facilities. That will also be split with the deans. The dinner is $12.40 and there are 219 off-board students. This event will promote class unity, and the CSA class representatives will give short speeches based on the topics of themselves. The deans will also speak, and the President will hobnob with the masses. 

Marks: Are the 219 people completely off board?

Boyce: those are the people who are completely off-board only.

Ladner: If not all 219 people show up, what happens to the money?

Boyce: It comes back to CSA.

Duane: The dining hall will not be open.

Boyce: In the event of rain, the event it scrapped.

Marks: The food might be considered personal property.

Boyce: Yes, but this event is for the entire campus and the positive benefits outweigh the negatives.

Hodes: We don’t consider food personal property.

Skov: Yes we do.

Blumberg: I’m concerned about the CSA representatives funding an event that would promote themselves and help with their own reelections by giving a presentation.

Boyce: It is not a big deal, the will just say something like, “dude this is my facec remember it. “

Sun: What makes this event different from when the dining halls have picnics.

Boyce: That is something I did not expect to happen. This will be like a NSW picnic at large. Hoping that it will an event where people will not just sit with their friends. We are trying to get the classes at the same place at the same time, which doesn’t really ever happen. It is worthwhile, even it would be difficult to keep people from just sitting with their friends. There is still time to discus that issues and come up with a solution.


Skov: Here is thing: I’m not off board. The student body as a whole would get a free meal which the rest of us are still paying for with our meal plans. We do not fund food for the purpose of attendance, so this doesn’t follow the rules. Bid $0.

Ladner: Fully supports Skov. I do not understand how we could justify buying 219 meals while people on board were still paying for it.

Blumberg: I don’t understand why the people off board could continue being off board and still come. They don’t have to eat to socialize. If the CSA overturns our decision, that’s it, right?

Hodes: Come to the meeting.

Duane: I would abstain from this if there were a full bid. Your opinions will be heard at Senate.

Buss: I’m pretty impartial on this. I will decide eventually. Food is integral to this event. Seems that there should be food if you want those kids to be there. It does not make sense for 219 random kids to get a free meal.

Skov: Food is integral to this event in the way that, it would be if I decided to have a barbeque with some of my buddies. The purpose of the food is attendence.

Hodes: That is actually not in the bylaws that we can’t fund food for these purposes.

Duane: The event is really awesome, and I want to see it happen. Bids $30 to pay facilities.

Skov: Supports that bid. 

$30 is the recommendation of budget committee to Senate.

VI. 9:20pm Ava Navasero / The Japanese Circle

Amount Requested: $154

Budget Committee Recommendation: $154

Navasero: This is our welcome barbeque for the Japanese Circle as described in the request. To be funded, it has to be open to the entire campus community, but reasonably they cannot have that many people because then they couldn’t give them anything. They are spreading news of the event by word.

Skov: Would be more comfortable giving the Japanese Circle more money, and have it advertised. We can’t fund activities not open to the entire student body.

Navasero: We could budget for more people but the event reservation for Mai Fete says that we cannot have more than 25 people on the island at once, so I would have to change the reservation. They also have a certain number of people preparing the food, so they could not really serve more than 25 people at once.

Skov: all that you need for my vote is an add in the NNB. You can request an RSVP, and if people show up who did not RSVP, then you can turn them away.

Navasero: Okay, I will do that.

Marks: What is the shipping fee for?

Navasero: Some items will be bought online, like the sauce, since it is not obtainable here.

Marks: Why is it different than sauce we have here?

Navasero: Because it is different.

Skov: You didn’t already buy it though, did you?

Navasero: No


Duane: This is awesome. The number of people attending is not concern. Full bid.

Jack: For the sake of debate, what is the difference between this and just having a barbeque for friends?

Skov: Anyone can show up. Anyone in the CSA who wants to go are welcome to do so. They probably won’t, but they can. The food that we are buying is a cultural food in which the preparation is more a part of the event than the eating.

Siemers: How is this different from the picnic?

Skov: Anyone can get a free meal.

Duane: Again, there is the importance of the preparation as well.

The budget committee recommends a full bid of $154.