Budget Committee Minutes

September 22nd, 2011

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Present: All. Minutes will be summarized due to absence of Secretary.
  • Absent: None. Chair was only present for part of the meeting, as Appointments Committee met in parallel.
  • Guests: None.
  • Secretary: Yasin Dara.
Group/Person Received Bid Deliberations
Korean Students $200 Chair not present. Contact hallan.
Japanese Circle $104 Chair not present. Contact hallan.
Taichi $250 Chair not present. Contact hallan.
Rebecca G. $150 Chair: Is this career preparatory? BC is disinclined to fund career preparatory requests.
Rebecca: No. This is an opportunity to educate Carleton students via a presentation given about the APHA.
BC Member: We fund conferences at 75%, your request will be similarly treated.
Christa Owens $500 Why stifle excellence? Full bid.
Figure Skating $75 Operating Budget granted. For details, contact hallan.
Men's Soccer $100 Chair not present. Contact hallan.
Cooper Buss: Laser Tag $0 This is an example of a bid that exactly mirrors Gymnastic Club's bid, down to the letter. This is an example of what we do not fund. This is why we need to carefully consider each request at face value, and why we should be more inclined to fund large one-time events, as funding for weekly events can often lack structure or be otherwise mismanaged after they have taken place a number of times. Details: Contact Cooper Buss, bussc.

Group/Person Received Bid Description of Request
Korean Students $200 Chuseok is a Korean's annual Thanksgiving day. It is Koreans' tradition to gather with all family members (and neighbors) to celebrate their agriculture. Making food and eating together are a very important part of the event.
Japanese Circle $104 Japanese Circle opening night with cooking and eating Yakisoba (Japanese fried noodles which is usually served in festivals) and a movie showing of a Hayao Miyazakii film.
Taichi $250 ATTN**THIS IS A (1) time request that will not be repeated in subsequent years or trimesters to come for the TAI CHI Club. I spoke to Yasin on 9/15/11 about this request. I have been a teacher/student of tai chi (yang style) as well as (Goju-Ryu Karate) for many years and find that it is NECESSARY for students to receive concrete literature, relevant to their training coupled with personal instruction. Tai chi is beneficial mentally, emotionally and physically. It is a PRODUCTIVE stress outlet with the realistic potential to help EVERY stressed student. I have specifically requested this amount of money to purchase a select number of classic texts that forming an organized approach or "syllabus," if you will, to this ancient and meditative art.
Rebecca G. $150 The American Public Health Association (APHA) is the most prominent group of public health professionals in the United States. Every year they hold an annual 5-day conference. This year, the conference is October 29-November 2nd in Washington, D.C. This past summer, I did an internship at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. I worked at the Harlem District Public Health Office on a program evaluation of their school-wellness initiatives. The results of this program evaluation were accepted to be presented at the APHA 2011 annual conference in D.C. this October. I have been invited by my internship supervisors to participate in the presentation. I have obtained some funding from the Office of Student Fellowships, but need some additional funds to cover the cost of airfare to D.C.
Christa Owens $500 I was recently selected to represent the Sierra Club and its student branch, the Sierra Student Coalition, at the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP17), the international negotiations on climate change. For the past 17 years the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has held COP in order to create international agreements to comprehensively address anthropogenic climate change. The COP processes produced the Kyoto Protocol in 1998. COP17, held this year in Durban, South Africa, will be particularly important in creating a legally binding agreement. The Sierra Club/Sierra Student Coalition delegation will attend negotiations, briefings from international leaders, and NGO educational events. My specific role will be serving as a liaison with US Youth delegates. I will facilitate meetings with US Youth and coordinate goals, messaging, media, and creative demonstrations. Additionally, I will likely participate in the Conference of Youth prior to COP17 in order to collaborate with international youth delegates.
Figure Skating $75 Transportation to Northfield ice area round trip (6 miles), two to three times a week with fleet vehicle. We are in the process of renewing our administration access to our budget on the hub.
Men's Soccer $100 Goal Keeper Gloves- stored in rec center
Cooper Buss: Laser Tag $0 Wants to play Laser Tag at Brunswick weekly, money for transportation.

Contact people:
Woosit Koong-KSA
Nana Tanamoto-Japanese Circle
Gabe Rudin-Taichi
Rebecca Gourevitch
Christa Owens
Ally Shaw and Sarah Besse-Figure Skating
Vishal Elijah-Soccer
Cooper Buss (Laser Tag)