Budget Committee Minutes

November 10th, 2011

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Present: Vice President Yasin Dara, Treasurer Andria Hall, Members Patrick Burke, Cooper Buss, Owen Demke, Ned Heckman, Amber Kim, Katie Powell, Alex Siemers, Max Strand, and Matt Weinstein
  • Absent: Members Elijah Mae Christensen, Sam Feigenbaum, Kana Suzuki
  • Secretary: Edward Malnar

Team Tibet

Amount Requested: $180

Amount Recommended: 0- tabled

The Lens
Amount Requested: $2,759

Amount Recommended: $2,759

Women’s Soccer Club
Amount Requested: $150

Amount Recommended: $150


Amount Requested: $1898.60

Amount Recommended: $0

Women’s Rugby

Amount Requested: $2,893

Amount Recommended: $2,893

Team Tibet

Tibet Night: A night showcasing Tibetan culture through song/dance performances, poetry readings, skits, and playing of musical instruments.

The event will be held in Little Nourse and transportation is to bring include presenting guests from the Twin Cities.  We are requesting money for transportation and food as a part of the cultural experience.


Weinstein: “For the cultural events we’ve funded this term… this is doing the same thing for a lot less.” It has good cultural value, so we should fund it.  Full bid

Buss: There’s no breakdown of costs; I don’t know what we’d be funding.  $0 bid

Heckman: “I agree with Matt, but more so with Cooper.”  Since we just don’t have information or the actual cost of anything for this event and it isn’t until February, I suggest they come back with more detailed figures.  Proposal to table

All members vote to table the request except for Member Weinstein; the motion passes.

The request is tabled.

The Lens

The Lens is requesting enough money to cover the cost of publishing two issues in 2011-2012. Our spring allocation was intended to cover the cost of our first issue only. We were told that CSA would fund two issues on the condition that we cut costs. We have found a new printer that costs $3875 to print the winter issue, as opposed to $4952 from our old printer. At that price, we would have $1116 left over for the next issue. We are requesting $2759 to print the spring issue.

We found Crescent Printing to be the least expensive reliable printing, with much lower costs than the Maximum Graphics on which the original request was made.  The printing costs will cover 1,000 copies for students and faculty.


Powell: It’s very good and they’ve done everything we asked for.  “Even though it’s way in the future… I suggest a full bid.”  Full bid

Demke: I don’t think we should fund handouts, since that would be like personal property.

-Buss: Personal property by definition does not include publications

Weinstein: I’m not sure that we should fund copies for faculty since we don’t fund travel costs for them.

-Powell: The faculty receives and enjoys The Lens as well; it’s different than funding faculty travel.  At least in my experience, I’ve known professors to keep their copies and share their [relevant] content. 

-Burke: It’s also much more cost effective and reasonable

With no further objections, a vote was held for the full bid.  The motion passed by unanimous vote.

$2,759 is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate.

Women’s Soccer Club

We would like one set of jerseys to play our intercampus games in. These jerseys will not be kept by players, but rather kept by the team and redistributed annually. We would like 18 jerseys, each costing about $25. Including shipping and number customization, I have been given an estimate of $550. We will cover the majority of the cost with money in the group account, even though most our costs currently go toward travel.


Buss: This is very reasonable and worthwhile for a Carleton team that’s like a Jr. Varsity at other colleges.  Full bid

The motion passed by unanimous vote.

$150 from Capital Reserves is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate.


The American College Dance Festival is an annual conference that promotes movement and creativity at college and university dance departments. Student dancers perform and are adjudicated by dance professionals. In addition students attend intensive classes with dance professionals from other universities throughout the conference.
Semaphore has been having bake sales throughout the term to raise money to attend this festival and has already raised $500, which will go towards lodging. We will continue to raise money through bake sales next term to contribute to lodging costs.

The Conference occurs annually and students regularly attend during Spring Break.  2012 Conference will be in Springfield, MO and is very important to the group for purposes of education, team building, and dance networking.  The incorporation of outside experts and dance professionals who would not be contacts if not for conference attendance heightens the level of Semaphore’s prestige and is good for Carleton’s reputation.


Dara: I’d like to point out that the conference is only for people in Semaphore, so it doesn’t meet the required “open” nature of a conference.  Please keep this in mind.

Burke: But the auditions are open.  I think because the auditions are open, the opportunity to attend this conference is as well, even though spots are limited and decided by the auditions.

Powell: Semaphore is a for-credit class and although they’re a student group, we can’t fund a class.

Burke: They’ve said that the conference doesn’t count as part of the class, so it doesn’t count for credit.

Heckman: “It’s in the bylaws;” we can’t fund it.

Weinstein: Maybe if we hosted one of these conferences we could cut costs and contribute to the funding.  If St. Olaf’s done it, we should too.

Siemers: I agree with Ned that we can’t fund this group; $0 bid

Burke: Full bid- “Going to the conference is not part of the credit of the class.” We should be able to fund students interested in this conference

Vote for $0 bid: Treasurer Hall, Members Heckman, Powell, Siemers, Buss.  The motion passes

$0 is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate. 

Women’s Rugby

For the first time in our team's history, the Women's Rugby team has qualified for the D3 National Championship Tournament in Cherry Hill NJ from 11/19/11-11/20/11. It is the first year midwestern teams have been invited to take part in the championship, and so we are also the first team to ever represent the Midwest at the National Championships.

We’ve received significant help from the President’s and Athletics Offices, we are asking each attendee to contribute $100, and we will be continuing other fundraising next week.  We are asking for aid with transportation costs and necessary entry fees. 


Heckman: I’m worried about how close this will come to being paid to you retroactively, which we cannot do, even though I think they really deserve this.

Weinstein: I want to fund very much for how awesome this is.  “For what really deserves our money, I’d like to have funded what we did fund less” so that we can give the money to those who really should get it.

Hall: If they can have receipts ready by Business Office approval next Tuesday, they could put it through without being retroactive.  But if we do approve, we’re already deep into the Winter Term allotment.

Buss: The Capital Reserves fund is defined as being for ‘one-time or emergency costs.’  This is a onetime cost because they weren’t planning or preparing to go to nationals; “they just happened to do something amazing.”  Full bid from Cap Reserves, so long it is not deemed retroactive

The motion is passed unanimously.

$2,893 from Capital Reserves is Budget Committee's recommendation to Senate.