Budget Committee Minutes

February 2nd, 2012

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Time: 9:00 pm
  • Present: Vice President Dara, Treasurer Hall, Members Bloomberg, Burke, Buss, Demke, Feigenbaum, Kim, Powell, , Strand, Suzuki, and Weinstein
  • Absent: Members Christensen, Siemers, and Wong
  • Secretary: Edward Malnar


Amount Requested: $135

Amount Recommended: $135 


Amount Requested: $240

Amount Recommended: $240 

Japanese Circle

Amount Requested: $104

Amount Recommended: $104 


Amount Requested: $1,132.25

Amount Recommended: $1,133 

Dance Conference

Amount Requested: $1,350

Amount Recommended: $1,350 

Folk Singing

Amount Requested: $865

Amount Recommended: $465 

The DL

Amount Requested: $200

Amount Recommended: $100 


Amount Requested: $250

Amount Recommended: $250 


Amount Requested: $1,225

Amount Recommended: $0


The meeting was called to order at 9:05.

Parkour Club

The money will be used for supporting access to a local gymnasium during Winter term because it is difficult to practice parkour on campus in the winter.  Part of the money will go toward transportation to the gym and the remainder will be used to assist students in covering the cost of open gym fees for the term.  This may continue in Spring term if the program is popular, but for now it is mainly a way to keep the group moving and in shape.


Burke: This is a good bid to support a club that cannot really function on campus during winter.

Full bid, $135

The motion was passed unanimously.

$135 is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate.

Late Night Trivia

This is a four hour long study break where teams compete to answer trivia and complete action trivia for amazing prizes from local vendors.  It is a great event for students to engage in friendly and fun competition to enliven Winter term.  Between 200 to 400 will participate, so this large amount of money will reach a large portion of the student body.

Some of the funds will go to mailing to contact local businesses to provide prizes.  Food will be included in costs, but this is for contestants and will be consumed entirely and solely by them.


Buss: This is a great event we should definitely fund.  The requests are generally in line with our principles, “Food action trivia is not meant solely for consumption for as an experiential part of the game.”

Full bid, $240

The motion was passed unanimously.

$240 is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate.

Japanese Circle

This will be our one event for the winter term. We will introduce Japanese winter-popular desserts, namely traditional red bean soup (zenzai) with shiratama (glutinous rice balls), also made modern with addition of maccha green tea ice cream and corn flakes.
Cassat Basement will serve as a great venue that facilitates a large number of attendees (as we've noticed with other culture club events) where attendees will make their own shiratama to go with the red bean soup and enjoy it with a cup of genmaicha. There will be fun informative sheets describing the cultural background of these desserts.  Most of the costs will go toward food, but some will also be needed for dishes and flatware unless these can be borrowed from the LDC.  We will probably include either music or a relevant movie to help round out the cultural experience.


Burke: This sounds like a good event, “They’ve demonstrated the food is for a learning experience” and the request makes sense.

Full bid, $104

The motion was passed unanimously.

$104 is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate.

Student Activities Planning Board

We are organizing a laser tag event to be held in Cowling.  We are looking for money for the equipment, fog machines, black lights, and inflatable bunkers.  This follows popular requests and we are hoping to accommodate this three-hour event.

The total cost will actually be around $2,265, not $3,000.  As we are splitting the cost with SAPB , half will be about $1,133.  The event is being planned with PEAR, which is helping to arrange the facilities and cleanup.  Music and food will be served for those waiting to play while games are ongoing.


Powell: Given the interest and the given cost, it would be about $4 per person.  I am “more than willing to support this.”

Blumberg: This may attract a broad host of students, possibly imposing difficulty of operation and cleaning.  Nevertheless, this sounds like a great event.

Buss: full bid, $1,133

Feigenbaum: “This a lot, a lot of money for one short event.”

Hall: I agree, “but when there are so many students interested… it could be justified.”

Blumberg: “I feel like we could put money toward much more broad campus interests than some [events], …but I think this is a good choice.”

Weinstein: “It’s a good, sub-free event.”

The motion was passed unanimously.

$1,133 is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate.

Dance Students

We wish to send 15 students to the American College Dance Festival. The ACDF is a conference attended by groups of dancers from regional universities who gather for 5 days to take intensive dance classes, attend workshops, panels, and master classes, and perform work to be adjudicated by nationally recognized dance professionals. 15 students will go because that is the number It has led to a great expansion and growth of the Dance Department which could only happen with contacts within the national dance community.

At the festival, the students and faculty attending interact and share work with dance professionals from universities across the country and foster relationships that facilitate the expansion and diversity of Carleton's dance program. In recent years, Carleton has brought several dance guest artists to campus to provide master classes and workshops open to the entire community, thanks to our success at the conference, and most notably our invitation to perform at the American College Dance Festival Gala Performance in 2010. 

We are looking for funding solely for transportation.  The Arts Committee, Dance Department, and other groups are contributing and we are seeking funds elsewhere and willing to meet the costs ourselves.  Because of the growing department and intense student interest, we need the education and opportunity this conference offers to the campus.

Enterprise is less expensive than campus vehicles and actually accepts interstate travel, whereas the College discourages it.  This is a special expense this year because the conference location varies in the Midwest and normally it is closer to Carleton, even so close as St. Olaf.


Feigenbaum: “This conference sounds integral to the growth and development of Carleton’s dance.” Only $90 for each student is really good and definitely a good investment for student activities in dance. 

Full bid, $1,350

Buss: support Feigenbaum, we should do this “for the glory of Carleton”

The motion was passed unanimously.

$1,350 is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate.

Folk Singing

We would like to bring folk musician Marc Gunn to the Cave. He specializes in both Celtic music and science-fiction & fantasy-inspired music, so he would appeal to a broad audience.  Last year we hosted an alumna, although campus involvement was a little less than hoped for, with only perhaps 25 students.  We expect that Gunn will attract a much larger audience.  While Gunn has not come before, it is traditional for the Folk Music Society to bring one professional musician to campus per year, and to split the cost with the Cave.   Gunn was very reasonable in his pricing for a performed who has repeatedly sold out shows at GenCon in recent years.

The Committee spent some time of questioning researching travel costs and found an option at a cost considerably lower than the original bid.


Demke: Bid to table until travel costs could be confirmed

-Hall: We should not have to table this when we have already looked up the information

-Demke retracts bid

Burke: With the lower cost, this sounds like a good event. By the estimate here, we’d only be paying $7 a person

Reduced bid, $465

The motion was passed unanimously.

$465 is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate.

The DL (Down-Low)

We are attempting to start a sports magazine on campus. The funding is for printing the magazine at the Print Office (not magazine paper, black and white, 10 double-sided pages). We hope to print 150-200 copies.

The magazine will include Carleton, national, or even world sports, unlike other publications which only include Carleton sports teams.  This will reach to a wide portion of campus that enjoys or follows sports.  It is a creative outlet for expressing interest in the sports world. This is only for one issue and we’d only expect to produce one issue a term unless popular demand suggests we do more.


Buss: “I think 200 is too many for a first publication.  If you print and don’t have any left over, then get more.”  Start with half of it.

Half bid, $100

The motion was passed unanimously.

$100 is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate.

Experimental Theater Board

‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore (16th Century revenge tragedy) will be performed ninth weekend and, upon further consideration, requires more money than what we asked for initially.  The cost of rubber knives, sheets and costumes that can be splashed with fake blood, the fake blood itself, and a pig heart is greater than anticipated.


Weinstein: “As this is very necessary for this show”

Full bid, $250

Only Members Powell, Blumberg, and Demke vote against the bid; the motion was passed.

$250 is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate.

Carleton Student Association

The CSA is looking to install a water-bottle refill station/drinking fountain near the mailboxes in Sayles. This station would be identical to the units in the Weitz Center--including a “green ticker” which displays an approximate number of water bottles saved from the landfill, electronic sensor for touch-less operation, and a quick fill rate so people don't have to wait forever to fill up their bottles. We've already spoke with facilities, and they've agreed to pay for the installation of the unit as well as maintenance and the necessary filters that are required.


Burke: It seems a little unreasonable to replace a working water fountain

Weinstein: “It’s a pretty good idea seeing water bottles aren’t in vending machines.”

Blumberg: Sayles has other options for water if students don’t want to use that particular fountain.  It should be put somewhere else, like 4th Libe, a very popular spot that doesn’t have any water connection.

Hall: “This is part of a larger program, Taking back the Tap, which Senate approved.”  The refilling station will be supporting the removal of water bottles from vending machines and be a better green alternative.  Having it in Sayles makes it accessible, helpful, and visible to visitors.

Feigenbaum: “I understand the green intention… but this is completely misguided.”  “You can fill up your water bottle in lots of places,” and there’s a fountain already there, so “I don’t think this is being green.”

-Powell: supported Feigenbaum’s thoughts and reasserted interest in the 4th Libe location.

-Demke concurs entirely.

Weinstein: I think this location was chosen “excessively poorly,” supports Libe location for “a good long term plan.”

Buss: $0 bid

Hall: “It’s a great initiative,” and something the Senate has decided is in the best interests of the student body.

Full bid, $1,225

For $0: Members Buss, Blumberg, Demke, Feigenbaum, Powell, and Suzuki

For full: Treasurer Hall, Members Burke, Kim, Strand, and Weinstein

The motion fails.

$0 is Budget Committee’s recommendation to Senate.