Conference Funding Request Form

Read the Budget Committee Guidelines before submitting your request. 

Provide as much detail as possible. Budget Committee requires a line-item breakdown for each expense.

Read about the Budget Committee request process here

1. Groups are encouraged to send the smallest number of students possible to conferences. Preference will be given to groups that best reflect the Carleton community.
2. Conferences funded by CSA must provide benefits to the campus community. This benefit must be demonstrated to the Budget Committee upon application for funding.
3. Budget Committee is disinclined to fully fund transportation for non-conference events.
4. For non-conference events (including academic and sporting events), experiential learning may be considered as sufficient benefit to the Carleton community (at the discretion of Budget Committee). The benefit of this experiential learning must be demonstrated to the BC upon application for funding.
5. Budget Committee is disinclined to fund more than $150/student towards conferences.



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Conference Funding Request Form
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