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How to be Reimbursed

Student organizations are cautioned to use care when keeping track of their finances. Click here for helpful tips on how to keep your organization from overspending.

How to be Reimbursed

The most typical procedure for organizations and individuals to spend their allocated funds is through a reimbursement process.

  • Once an organization or individual has been allocated money (either through Budget committee or Spring Allocations), one or more group members will pay the initial cost with personal funds. If your organization's purchase is too large to pay out of pocket, talk to Jessica VanZuilen, the Student Activities Office Administrative Assistant in the Student Activities Office ( She has a credit card for student organizations to charge purchases..
    • Fill out a payment request form (green sheet) found in the basement of Leighton or by the Senate Office in Sayles 159 and turn it in to the folder outside the Senate Office in Student Activities.
      • It is very important to attach the original receipt (not a photocopy) and have the treasurer of your organization sign the payment request form. Please note: signed credit card receipts (without items listed) are not acceptable. The receipt must clearly detail what was purchased and the individual prices - this is most often an issue with meals.
      • Reimbursement submission is required within 60 days of expense (or trip) per IRS guidelines. (Reference publication 463).
      • If you need to pay someone upon delivery of a service (a performer, a rental company, etc), please obtain an invoice and completed W9 form from them one week prior to the delivery. Lee Clark from the SAO office deals specifically with these contracts. Contracts must be signed one week prior to the event.
    • The Treasurer will check the form, sign the form, and turn it in to the Business Office. You will receive a reimbursement online through your bank account. Please make sure you have signed up for a reimbursement bank account on the HUB. Payments are processed each Thursday; the cutoff for accepting approved requests is Tuesday noon. Please do not expect to be immediately reimbursed.

**Even if your organization has already purchased items, Senate cannot reimburse purchases that violate bylaws. Senate does not distribute funds to groups or individuals retroactively. Funds must be requested well in advance. Please email the CSA Treasurer (Henry Gordon) before buying items if you're unsure. Overdrawing student organization accounts will result in an automatic audit, and the group officers will be required to repay the funds.**