Spring Allocations

Each Spring, CSA Senate, with the help of Budget Committee, allocates a substantial amount of money to student groups for the upcoming academic year. The money comes from sources such as the Student Activity Fee, laundry fees, and vending revenues. The following information explains the process.

Requests due: 20th April 2016, 12 pm


  • To minimize the impact that changes in group leadership will have on an organization's funding.
  • To ensure fiscal responsibility of the Senate and student organizations.
  • To increase the amount of programming funding available each academic term.
  • To eliminate redundancy (groups receiving funding for the same program at multiple points during the year).


1. Check that all Officers of your organization can log in to the "Group Administration Page" and can access detailed information about the organization. Contact the CSA Vice President with questions or if you do not have access and should.

2. Determine if your organization qualifies as a "Large Organization." "Large Organizations" are those that plan to request over $1000. They will be subject to stricter review than organizations below the threshold. Large Organizations must meet with the CSA Treasurer to review the request prior to the submission deadline.

All other organizations can submit a Budget Request for the upcoming academic year for fixed and recurring costs ONLY, such as a known publication costs and fees. Other funding can be requested through the normal, weekly Budget Committee request process (i.e., not Spring Allocations).

3. At the closed Spring Allocations meeting, Budget Committee will make a recommendation on each request. This recommendation may be appealed to the Committee in the following Thursday's open Budget Committee meeting. Budget Committee will then submit a Budget to Senate for approval. The Senate meeting will be the second and final opportunity to appeal the recommendation.

Why these changes?

  • The previous Spring Allocations process forced organizations to request excessive amounts of funding without clear programming plans in place. These changes will allow groups to apply to Budget Committee as their needs arise, instead of attempting to predict them up to a year in advance.
  • The new process gives all organizations the chance to design creative programming and be responsive to changes in the campus climate.
  • The process allows Senate to retain a greater proportion of funds to be allocated each term for programming purposes, since the money will be available in the general funds, rather than held in organizations' accounts who may or may not use it.
  • Rather than predicting which CSA funds will be spent on for the upcoming year, the new process will make it much easier for the Treasurer and Budget Committee to evaluate the effects of funding guidelines on a term-by-term basis as the money is being allocated.

Questions? Contact CSA Vice President Seth Harris (harriss2) or CSA Treasurer Jen Chan (chanj)


  • Click on the "Group Administration Page" link on the left side of the page. Login with your Carleton username and password. All groups that you have access to will be displayed.
  • If a group is not displayed, then you do not have access to it. You must be listed as a leader or other contact in order to access the group information. If you believe this is in error, please contact CSA Vice President Abha Laddha (laddhaa).
  • There will be a link for "Spring Allocation Request for 2016-2017. You will be able to make changes to this form until April 20th 2016. If you have specific questions, please contact Treasurer Jeremy Keane (keanej).