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May 14

Deadline for Spring CSA Senate Election Petitions and Platforms

If you wish to run in the Spring 2012 CSA Senate elections, this is the deadline for petitions and platforms.

Monday, May 14th, 2012
11:59 pm
Run for CSA Senate in the Spring 2012 Elections!

You have the power to make a difference here at Carleton. Yes, you!

Every one of you is a member of the Carleton Student Association (CSA), and that alone gives you plenty of power to bring about change. CSA Senate is the governing body of CSA, and serves to voice the concerns of the student body and to give money to programs and student organizations.

I want you to run for one of the many positions up for election this spring. We need motivated leaders from all class years to represent the following Senate liaison positions:

*Center for Community and Civic Engagement (CCCE) Liaison
*College Council Liaison (2)
*Community, Equity, and Diversity Initiative Liaison (2)
*Admissions and Financial Aid Committee Liaison
*Committee on Student Life Liaison
*Education and Curriculum Committee Liaison
*Environmental Advisory Committee Liaison
*TRiO/OIIL/GSC Liaison
*Sports (Club Sports/PEAR) Liaison

Also, there are two at-large positions for College Council that must be filled. These positions do not involve being on Senate, but College Council makes many major decisions on how the college operates.

Carleton has a very dynamic community, and we need interested, capable students involved in the CSA to ensure that it stays a place where students are represented in every conversation, in every change. I know so many of you see great things about Carleton, and you see things that need to be changed. Work with me, work with the campus community, and work with Senate! We can make Carleton excellent--I just need your help to make it possible.

To run, I need a petition signed by at least 15 students from any class (or at least 25 students, 5 from each class if you're running for College Council Liaison) and a platform, a short (less than one page, bullet-points are fine!) statement of why you would be excellent for this position. More information and sample platforms (including all of mine!) are at Petitions and platforms are due on Monday, May 14 at midnight. Elections will take place at the end of 8th week.

If you have any questions at all, feel completely free to get in contact with me at I can help you with any stage--figuring out your interests, writing a platform, or spreading the word about your candidacy.

I want to do everything I can for each of you--help me help you by running for one of these open positions.

Best of wishes in Spring term,

-Michael McClellan

CSA President

Sponsored by Carleton Student Association. Contact: Michael J. McClellan, III, Michael McClellan