Spring 2012 Platforms


*Center for Community and Civic Engagement (CCCE) Liaison

Danny Ulman '13

Re-elect me so I can keep CSA relevant, and actually make it do some good. 

My name is Danny Ulman, and I am eager to serve once more as the CCCE Liaison. That means that I will be the CCCE’s primary representative at all CSA meetings, communicating the needs of the CCCE and relaying CSA’s recommendations and concerns in return. 

This is the position I was elected for last year. My work-study job was in the CCCE last year. My work-study job for next year is in the CCCE. I tell you this so you know I am the ideal candidate for this job. I’m also just a normal student – trying to make sure Senate functions efficiently and properly. 

Community service and student involvement have always been important to me. I am a certified Emergency Medical Technician, qualified and certified to practice in California. And during my 2010 summer vacation and winter break, I volunteered at Habitat for Humanity in Los Angeles. I play on the Carleton rugby team, am a board member of the Jewish Students of Carleton, on the Dining Board, a religion major and I bake a mean chocolate chip cookie. (That last part is a lie – but I thought it might work). All of this means I bring a variety of viewpoints and talents to whatever I do. 

As a hired staff member of the CCCE next year, I believe that being reelected as the CCCE Liaison to the CSA is a logical and good fit. I would not only serve the CCCE’s interests in CSA meetings but also would seek to expand the visibility of the CCCE on campus, garnering more volunteers and more enthusiasm for the CCCE’s important and dynamic programs. 

Please elect me, Danny Ulman, as the next CCCE Liaison. I will fight for the CCCE and all it stands for.

*College Council Liaison (2)

Becca Giles '15

Dear Carleton Students, 

My name is Becca Giles and I am running for the position of College Council Liaison. As a member of the class of 2015, I am eager to better acquaint myself with both the Carleton student body and the college’s policy-making associations. As former student representative to the Eau Claire Area School District’s Board of Education, I have extensive experience in gathering broad-based feedback on institutional policies and communicating relevant information to local policy-makers. I have also spent the past seven years cultivating my public speaking skills through speech and debate, and feel well equipped to engage students in meaningful discussions about the Carleton experience. 

Leadership Experience

Student Representative, Eau Claire Area School District Board of Education

·   Served as a liaison between students in the ECASD and the Board of Education

·   Organized a “State of the School” meeting and campaigned for local referenda

Secretary, Memorial High School’s Student Council       

·   Took minutes at each meeting, developed agenda, maintained contact list, etc.

President, Memorial High School’s Amnesty International Club

·   Organized events, delegated tasks, served as liaison between adult advisor and student members, etc.

Project Manager, Youth Leadership Eau Claire

·   Organized my group’s year-long service project, delegated tasks, connected our service-based group to larger Eau Claire community, etc. 

Current Extra-curricular Activities .

Member, Model United Nations               

Member, Food Truth                 

Member, Nova Frisbee Team               

Senior Member, Syrian and Middle-Eastern Activism Association

Peer Leader, New Student Week                     

Goals as College Council Liaison

·   Organize CSA outreach events on campus to improve students’ understanding of Carleton’s policy-making bodies

·   Effectively communicate student interests to both the College Council and the CSA

·   Increase the transparency of CSA-College Council interactions

·   Provide students with comprehensive updates on the actions of the College Council 

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform. With your support, I promise to promote the interests of both the student body and the Carleton community as a whole to the best of my ability. If you have any questions regarding my stances on specific issues, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a wonderful day! 

Yours truly,

Becca Giles

Anna Jarman '14

Hi, my name is Anna Jarman. I am a sophomore Political Science/International Relations major and I am running for the position of CSA/College Council Liaison.

While I do not have much formal experience on Carleton governing bodies, I believe my ability to listen to students and my desire to work hard to uphold their interests will make me a strong representative for you on CSA and College Council.  At Carleton, my work as a writing tutor has taught me to be approachable and to actively listen to students’ concerns.  I have also had the opportunity to stay informed about issues on campus and meet many people involved in campus organizations and decision-making as a writer for the Carletonian.  I will bring this skill and knowledge to my role as CSA/College Council Liaison.  I desire to hear your concerns and give you a strong voice on important decisions affecting your life at Carleton.  The CSA and College Council are often invisible and impenetrable to students.  I hope to make their work more transparent and to communicate their decisions more effectively, so that students are able to remain informed.  I wish to openly discuss the CSA and College Council’s agenda items with students to ensure that student interests are accurately represented. 

Beyond my desire to accurately and transparently represent students, I also hope to accomplish several other goals on CSA and College Council.  I want to ensure that limited CSA and college funds are used responsibly and efficiently.  I have heard many complaints from members of student organizations about the way in which CSA allocates its funds.  I want to work with student organizations to distribute funds in a straightforward way that benefits the most students possible on campus. I also wish to work with the college to ensure that Carleton traditions such as Mai Fete, Spring Concert, and Rotblatt continue.  I will work with College Council to make certain that these events remain intact in the face of stricter policies.  Finally, I aim to work towards improving campus facilities, especially wireless coverage and access to printing, to ensure Carleton remains a competitive institution.

I am excited at the opportunity to represent you!  Carleton students have many strong ideas and opinions and I hope that with your support we can make your voices heard.

MacKenzie Persen '14

Hi Carleton students, my name is MacKenzie Persen and I am a sophomore Geology major. I am running to be one of your Senate College Council Liaisons. I have been on senate for the past two years and I have really enjoyed my experience. I have learned a lot and hope to continue doing so next year. Serving as the Committee on Student Life Liaison this year, I worked on plans to create a future for Sayles. Due to strategic planning, these efforts were put on hold. Since then however, I have delved into other senate activities such as aiding in the search for the next Career Center director and working on budget committee reforms to make the funding process easier for you and your student groups. If elected, I would work harder to make the budget process easier. I would also try to make the communication between the senate, students, and administration more apparent. As a College Council Liaison, I would continue my work from this year with the College Council Budget Committee. Here, I have advocated for students desires such as off-campus housing and lower hikes in tuition. Along with my experiences, I am really passionate about senate. I want you, the students, to feel as though you understand the functioning of senate and can come to the body with concerns. I want to increase transparency and represent your opinions. Please vote for me to serve as your senator!

Steve Moran '13

 For all of its problems, CSA is actually a wonderful place to get stuff done. However, like any good tool it needs to be used efficiently in order to do work. I have served on the CSA for a total of two winter trimesters as the representative for the class of 2013. I have also served as the student representative to the Safety Committee for the past two years (Betcha probably didn’t know that there was a committee that deals with the disposal of nuclear waste at Carleton). I am also a member of the Swim and Dive Team as well as the Choir. I kindly ask for your vote for the CSA College Council Liaison position so that we can make Carleton the place we always have wanted it to be. Plus, I am fully evolved on gay marriage.

 Next, I will list some issues that are important to me that I would like to tackle in the coming school year. This list is not meant to be comprehensive but rather, shed light on a few areas that are in need of attention.

·   A Middle Meal Plan- Right now Carleton has two meal plans (for those living in the dorms and select houses): the 12 and the 20. Many people and in particular athletes would like an option somewhere in the middle so that they can have all of their lunches and dinners but still have some the flexibility in hours that only Sayles can provide. Right now St. Olaf has three meal plans: a 14, 17, and 21. I realize that they pay more for food than us, but there has got to be a way that we can create an option that is similar.

·   A Fair Parking Policy- One of the rules that security is best at enforcing is parking policy. I’ve heard stories from students who have received parking tickets placing their vehicle outside of their dorm. I hope to work with security to liberalize these policies and create an environment where students are able to easily access and park their vehicles so that they can get out of the Carleton bubble.

·   Blue Lights for Safety- You may have noticed the new blue light boxes that have been put up around campus. This is a good start but the system is far from complete. The purpose of the Blue Light system is for Security to be able to track a student who is being chased. This cannot happen with our current system because you can rarely see the next Blue Light from the one you are standing at. I will seek out more funding for updating this system, so that if an unfortunate event were to occur Carleton would be prepared.

 I would be happy to answer questions/complaints/knock-knock jokes if you e-mail them to me atmorans@carleton.edu . Thanks for reading this whole thing!

*Community, Equity, and Diversity Initiative Liaison (2)

Robin Wonsley '13

Over the course of my Carleton career, I’ve organized and coordinated various events that have aim to cultivate and strengthen Carleton’s community, prompt dialogue about the state of diversity on campus, and increase the visibility of marginalized students and voices on campus. Some of these events include the Multicultural Senior Celebration, White Privilege Workshop, TRIO/SSS Class Act discussions, Prison Reform Week, and Women of Color against Violence week. In addition to these events, I’ve served as a board member for the Black Student Alliance, Multicultural Senior Celebration Committee, and have been a peer leader for both TRIO/SSS and the Gender and Sexuality Center . As illustrated from my past leadership positions, it is apparent that I am passionate about issues of diversity and fairness on campus. In order to further foster a more inclusive and equable climate at Carleton, I plan to:

·   Circulate short electronic and manual campus climate surveys to measure how receptive our campus is of issues pertaining to diversity at least once per term and create initiatives that will better improve the campus environment.

·   Organize town hall meeting between CSA representatives and student organizations to discuss students concerns and needs and to collaboratively create plans of action that will effectively address students’ concerns/needs.

·   Organize discussions with campus faculty, the president, and the Dean of students, CSA representatives, and students, about the state of Carleton’s climate and identify the ways in which improvements can be made on the behalf of faculty and students.

·   Work with Budget Committee members and Student Activities to ensure that funding practices are in compliance with Budget committee bylaws, and that funding is allocated to events and campus initiatives that benefit the campus at large .

As an activist on campus who has organized many events that have served to make this campus a more welcoming, inclusive, and productive environment, I will ensure that these initiatives are continued on an institutional level if I am elected.

Jabari Perry '13

Hello Everyone,

   My name is Jabari Perry and I am a junior History major and AFAM concentrator from Menlo Park, CA. I am writing to ask for your support during spring term election in my campaign for the Community, Equity, and Diversity Initiative Liaison position. The purpose of CEDI Liaison is to help promote a diverse campus community, improve the learning environment for all Carls, and discuss issues of equity that are related to Carleton’s campus as they arise.

 I believe that I am qualified for this position because I have already worked with a variety of organizations as part of a member of Carleton’s Cultural Programming Board (a board of leaders from all of Carleton’s cultural organization s on campus), have gained leadership experience throughout my presidency in one of Carleton’s cultural organizations (Men of Color), and have been actively involved with OIIL throughout my entire time at Carleton. I have also helped organize events on Carleton’s campus for the student body at large. This March I was one of the four core group of students who organized the townhall meeting about Travyon Martin, hoodie awareness day at Carleton, and organized transportation for Carleton students to participate in The Million Hoodie March in Minneapolis.

 My hope as the CEDI Liaison is to not only be a voice for those who come to me with concerns, but to speak up for those who feel as though they are voiceless when dealing with CEDI or CSA. If elected, one of my goals is to increase the transparency between CSA and CEDI interaction to the broader Carleton Community. Currently, all information on the position of what a CEDI Liaison actually does is ambiguous unless one is able to talk with somebody who is already on CSA, which I find unfair and restrictive to those who actually feel comfortable applying for the position. Furthermore, my main goal is to increase the integration of many school activities. If elected as a CEDI Liaison I would by nature also be a member of Senate. My main goal is to make sure that more school events encourage interaction between Carls who usually interact in different social spheres. 

*Admissions and Financial Aid Committee Liaison

Zach Richmond '15

Hello! My name is Zach Richmond. I am a freshman and I am applying to be the Admissions and Financial Aid Council liaison. Right off the bat, you should be aware that I have no prior experience with the CSA, however, I am extensively involved with the Schiller Society and as such am frequently in contact with people in the Admission department.
        If elected, I’d like to hear more from the student body about their opinions on the admissions process, especially regarding diversity in our student body. While the Admissions department does do a pretty good job of seeking out diversity in both the application process and in inviting groups of prospective students to visit campus, it is important to ensure that they do all that they can to make our campus truly diverse.
        In addition, I’d also involve myself more with the Financial Aid department and also listen to students to hear any ideas for policy that could be used to improve the financial aid process. Oftentimes the whole thing can seem dense and confusing; I believe there are ways that it can be clarified and improved upon. It’s important to get as many people’s opinions on the issue, though.
        Thanks for considering me to be the Admissions and Financial Aid Council liaison. I love this college and I’d love to know how we could make this experience better, both for current students and those who will come after us.

Chris Griffin '13

My name is Christopher Griffin and I’m running for the Admissions and Financial Aid Liaison role for the CSA. I’m a junior International Relations major that hopes to build upon some of the previous successes of previous AFA liaison officers.

My main interest in running for this office is to make Financial Aid and Admissions policy and practice not only more transparent but more accessible to the greater student body of Carleton. Attending Carleton requires a dedication to hard work before and during matriculation into the college, and in my eyes, it is the fundamental goal of both the Admissions Office and the Financial Aid Office to assist as much as possible those students who both desire and deserve to attend school here.

My goals for the position are:

        - To increase bilateral communication between the two offices and the student body

        - To be completely accessible at any time regarding issues or concerns with either office

        - To increase student input regarding the Admissions and Financial Aid policies and practices at Carleton

I am well aware of the importance of both Admissions and Financial Aid to the current and future state of Carleton College, and I hope to effectively represent our student body’s best interests in these offices.

“Let us preserve what must be preserved, perfect what can be perfected and prune practices that ought to be prohibited.”

One Love,

Christopher Griffin ‘13

Danny Geiger '14

Hey everyone, my name is Danny Geiger and I am a sophomore Economics major from Minnesota. I am running for the position of Admissions and Financial Aid Committee Liaison. Currently I am a member of the Men’s Varsity Basketball team as well as the Carleton Investment Group – both of which I am very passionate about. I am hoping for the opportunity to exhibit my passion as a member of the Carleton Student Association. 

The Carls that make up the diverse student population define Carleton. They define the level of intellect and knowledge prevalent in the classroom, the social life, Rotblatt, and many other aspects that make Carleton unique. In order to continue to make Carleton great, it is important that any student that exhibits the qualities that define Carleton has the opportunity to attend Carleton. As Admissions and Financial Aid Committee Liaison, it is my goal to assist the college in understanding the qualities that define Carleton students and on top of that, push to give these students the opportunity to attend Carleton, regardless of the level of income they come from. 

Thus far, I have had such an intellectually and socially fulfilling experience at Carleton and I want it to be the same for all other Carleton students, now and in the future, and I will do my best to make sure that happens. Thanks for your time. 

Danny Geiger

*Committee on Student Life Liaison

Shanna Yang '14

Hi Carleton! My name is Shanna Yang, and I am a sophomore Biology major hailing from the cozy city of Rochester, Minnesota, with a passion for yoga, foreign languages, and beet hummus. Confident that I bring the experiences and enthusiasm necessary to represent your voices in CSA, I am excited by the prospect of being your Committee on Student Life Liaison next year. 

Although I have not yet been actively involved with the student governing body at Carleton, I take pride in my previous leadership experiences that qualify me for this position. As senior class secretary in high school, I helped to plan and organize student events including Spirit Week and Senior Party, as well as facilitated with announcements at graduation. At Carleton, my work as Social Media Contributor in Food Truth demonstrates my ambition to help increase collaboration between the student body, Bon Appétit, and Stevie P. in order to implement more healthful, sustainable, and local food on campus. I am also co-president of Global China Connection, a club fostering sound relationships between Chinese and American university students. In addition, I bring a diversity of interests to CSA, which is reflected by my work as rock-climbing staff, greenhouse and animal colony attendant, Northfield elementary student personal tutor, and Northfield Hospital Long Term Care Center volunteer activities leader. 

My goal as Committee on Student Life Liaison is to smooth out any discomforts that students experience on campus by connecting students with school administration and policy makers to ensure agreements that satisfy everybody. I am eager to learn quickly about what students need in terms of improving their enjoyment here at Carleton. I will not only listen to all of your concerns and suggestions, but also encourage you to speak up about what you believe should be changed on campus. 

Here are some specific changes toward which I will work tirelessly to improve quality of student life: 

1. Working with ITS to substantially improve our frequently spotty wi-fi coverage, with the eventual goal of obtaining a completely wireless campus.

2. Navigating current school policies with administration and students to find a compromise between presently strict limitations on campus events and liberal traditions that we used to enjoy, such as Mai Fête.

3. Thanks to the new Weitz Center, we no longer need Arena Theater. The space it takes up can be changed to something useful. My ideas include: a dormitory (perfect location on campus), a common space, music practice rooms (we lack sufficient space in the Music Hall), and study rooms (dorm lounges may not be ideal for study and the Libe’s study rooms fill up fast). Have other ideas? Let me know!

4. Working with Student Activities Office to give freshmen water bottles during New Student Week, thus cutting down on the costs of replacing new cups in the dining halls while also mitigating the stress created frequent lack of cups.

5. Continuing to work with Bon Appétit to ensure more plentiful options for vegetarians, vegans, gluten and celiac-free individuals, and those with other dining needs.

6. Collaborating with Student Activities Office to provide a bus that returns at 1 or 2 am from the Twin Cities on weekends to make it easier to participate in nighttime events happening in the metropolis area.

7. Working to bring back to prominence the Yellow Bike Club to help students share an efficient way of transport across campus. This will also help reduce the number of stolen bikes since many people “borrow” bikes just to get to class on time.

8. Working with ITS to improve the Hub so it is no longer cumbersome to navigate. 

As Committee of Student Life Liaison next year, I would work indefatigably to present your opinions to the Committee, as well as to relay the Committee’s responses back to you in a timely manner. Feel free to let me know if you have any concerns or questions regarding my ideas, and remember that I always welcome more. Please vote for me! 

Shanna Yang

Dilara Akgunduz '15

Dilara Akgunduz (2015)

for Student Life Committee in CSA

Yes, we all know that CSA seems to be an ambiguous body that makes decisions sometimes that upsets the entire student body. We also know that at the end of the day, most people are uninformed about CSA’s decisions and reasoning for controversial decisions. I think that as part of the Student Life Committee, I would make it my primary concern to keep students updated about what actually happens in CSA.

            Student life is an integral part of Carleton. Whether its going to an SAO sponsored event, such as seeing The Avengers at Lakeview, or running a club on campus, CSA plays a huge role in deciding how the budget is used for each of these important activities. In the past, I feel like there were a lot of activities that students felt could be improved, or would have liked to find easier ways to give feedback on which activities should be sponsored throughout a trimester. Using the Student Life position, I would like to have the CSA conjure up a list of possible activities and have students vote on which ones they want. That way, they are informed beforehand on the activities that might come up without having to attend a meeting.  Accessibility to CSA is key.

            Additionally, as a future RA, I don’t think CSA does enough with ResLife and improving dormitory conditions and bonding experiences for students. As an RA, one of my primary jobs is to promote a more welcoming and accepting atmosphere on campus. I think that Reslife tries to do what it can to promote dorm bonding, but I think that some of the budget should go towards sponsoring specific dorm events, such as going to the Mall of America together as a dorm, or taking a trip to a cool restaurant in the cities in order to boost interaction amongst floors. Additionally, I think that in order to keep students in touch with CSA, members should go to study breaks and announce specific important decisions. This increases community awareness of CSA, and bridges the gap between students and CSA members, which I believe is a huge problem that CSA has.

            My purpose in CSA would not simply be to go to a couple meetings and declare that I have done my duties. I want to be an active, hands-on member that brings the ideas of the students directly to the table. I will make an effort to ask students around campus their opinions on any of the subjects currently in discussion in CSA. The Student Life Committee is for the students, and your voice should be heard. I want to help out in any way to make Carleton students’ lives as less stressful as possible by making sure that fun is a part of your daily lives. 

*Education and Curriculum Committee Liaison

John Cannon '15

I am running for election to the Education and Curriculum Committee liaison position because I believe in the importance of a strong student voice in academic affairs at Carleton. As students we are all paying for our education in one way or another and the Education and Curriculum Committee gives us a voice in decisions that will greatly affect us. 

I am currently acting as the senate liaison to the ECC and I would be honored to get the chance to serve on this committee next year. This year I have been involved in the discussions concerning cases of academic dishonesty in courses in which students have opted for the S/Cr/NC option. I have spoken at a Learning and Teaching Center panel about the transition from high school to college and I have discussed how the college will address the trend of grade inflation. 

As your representative on the Education and Curriculum Committee I would work to address the following issues I feel are important to the general student body. 

1. Addressing the Registration Procedure 

Carleton College provides a great academic environment, but our class registration system leaves a lot to be desired. Every time registration rolls around I see students worrying about getting into even one of their top choices. As your representative I would open a discussion with the registrar to discuss this problem. I am in favor of a two-tiered system in which even students with worse draw numbers still have a chance of getting into their top choice. 

2. Opening a Discussion on Grades at Carleton College 

Grade inflation is a nation-wide problem and over the last decade it has affected Carleton. There is no easy fix to this problem but it is a topic we will need to address as a college. I would hold student discussions on this topic and relay student concerns to faculty. In this way, I would ensure that students have a voice in this upcoming discussion. 

3. Maintaining Transparency in both the ECC and CSA 

Interest in student government has hit a significant low and while this is a complex problem I believe increased openness from all senators will do a lot to recover student’s trust in the CSA. If elected, I will hold office hours in Sayles and keep people up to date on current issues the ECC and CSA is discussing. 

I am dedicated to making Carleton as good it can be and if elected I will work to ensure that all of your voices are heard and that your concerns are addressed.

*Environmental Advisory Committee Liaison

Zander Deetz '15

Hello, my name is Zander Deetz and I am a member of the class of 2015. I am a prospective chemistry/environmental studies major. I consider myself a devout environmentalist, which is why I would like to represent you as the Environmental Advisory Committee Liaison. 

While I do not have any previous experience with formal governing processes such as CSA, I am experienced with implementing environmentally sustainable practices at a school-wide level. Back in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado, I started an environmental group that worked to reduce the ecological footprint of my high school and other schools in the school district. Among other things, I applied for numerous grants and awards from which we received nearly $60,000 to install solar panels, low-flow toilets and a green roof. I also worked with administration, both at the school and district level, to ensure that funds of a scheduled renovation went toward “greening” the school. 

Now why do I think I would be a good choice for this position? Well, of course I want to make Carleton more sustainable, but it is how I would like to accomplish this that’s important. A couple ideas that immediately come to mind are providing a reusable mug and “dining-in” option at Sayles for when one plans to stay in the building to consume his or her food or beverage. While these may seem fairly insignificant in the scheme of things, it is mind-boggling how much impact these types of things can have. I think it is necessary to make these small kinds of changes that often may go overlooked, in addition to making system-wide and infrastructural improvements in order to have the greatest impact on Carleton’s sustainability. 

Carleton’s goal to be carbon-neutral by 2050 is admirable, but I think it is possible for us to get there even sooner. I hope that through collaboration with Carleton administration and all of Carleton’s environmental groups, we can accelerate our pursuit of carbon-neutrality. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 


Zander Deetz

*TRiO/OIIL/GSC Liaison

Matt Weinstein '14


My name is Matt Weinstein, I’m a sophomore American Studies major, and seeking to again serve the Carleton community on CSA Senate as the OIIL/TRiO/GSC Liaison. I enjoy cats, folk music, Diet Mountain Dew, and making Carleton College the most welcoming place on earth. 

I have extensive experience serving in governance here at Carleton. I have served 4 terms on CSA Budget Committee where I have fought to secure funding for events that speak to all members of Carleton’s diverse community. I currently serve on the Campus Design committee and have a particular interest in making Carleton’s physical campus a safe-space through deliberate choices in lighting, plantings, and the emergency call system. I currently work for the Chaplain’s office where I am paid to foster diverse expressions of religious and spiritual life on campus (it’s awesome!) 

I am currently serving as the OIIL/TRiO/GSC Liaison and have tirelessly worked through the current CSA financial difficulties to continue funding for programming that put’s Carleton’s values into action. Some of these events, just in the past term, include: the recent reproductive justice conference, the drag show, and the multicultural senior celebration. If elected, I will continue to do everything I can to guarantee that all students’ voices are heard in senate. 

I can’t promise printers in every dorm, a 16-meal plan, or a free pony for every Carleton student. However, I can promise, if elected, to work to make Carleton the best place possible for all Carleton students. Vote early, vote often – especially for Matt Weinstein. 

Phoebe Chastain '14

My name is Phoebe Chastain, and I am a rising Junior running for the TRIO/OIIL/GSC liason position. While I do not have any previous experience with working on student government, I have served on the Community Board on Sexual Misconduct, the Sayles' Dance review committee, and am highly involved with each of these office. All of these things will make me a great representative in CSA. As a member of TRIO, I have an insiders perspective and already have the connections necessary to help TRIO become a more prevelant office on campus. As a student who attends many OIIL and GSC events, I have a clear understanding of these offices`goals and objectives as well. My campus role as Resident Asistant will also aid in my position within the CSA. 

*Sports (Club Sports/PEAR) Liaison

Jocelyn Friedman '13

Hello there Carleton,

I’m Jocelyn Friedman and I’d like to be your CSA Sports Liaison.  I am a junior history major and more importantly, an athlete.  I have three years playing experience on both the varsity softball and women’s rugby teams, and all that time in the Rec has given me a pretty thorough understanding of what if means to be an athlete at Carleton.  Sweaty socks aside, playing softball and rugby has taught me the differences in the ways varsity and club sports operate—making me well equipped to represent both types of Carleton sports.   I am also a sports medicine assistant for the PEAR department.  This makes me especially aware of the medical and training needs of athletes, giving me another valuable perspective into the Carleton athletic community.   

Athletics have been a central and unbelievably positive part of my Carleton experience, and I am dedicated to ensuring that the needs of the student-athlete are well represented in the CSA.  This Fall, the women’s rugby team was able to travel to Philadelphia and win a national championship thanks to CSA support and funding.  Experiencing first-hand the power of the CSA to make this championship possible showed me how much the athletic community stands to gain from a healthy relationship with the CSA.  If elected I will work to build a strong line of communication between athletics and the CSA, making this kind of support easier to attain.  

Sports Liasion is a new position, and I welcome the challenge of establishing its role and making it all it can be. My experience as a two-sport athlete will allow me to create an open and informed dialogue between CSA and both branches of Carleton sports.  Sports and the athletes that play them are unquestionably important to Carleton, and I am committed to serving the needs of both athletes and the greater Carleton community.

Andy Zweber '13

My name is Andy Zweber and I am running for the Sports Liaison position. I am currently a Junior at Carleton and a Political Science major. Sports Liaison was a new position introduced this past spring, and I had the opportunity in filling the role. After serving for a term, I have begun to shape the responsibilities and tasks which should be expected of the position. This includes connecting CSA with Aaron Chaput (Director of Club Sports) and Gerald Young (Athletic Director), among others. I believe being elected to this position would be very beneficial to CSA, club sports, and the physical education department due to my prior experience and personal relationships with the various people involved. Having connected CSA with club sports and the PEAR Department over the past term, I would like to continue integrating these groups in order to further develop athletics on our campus. 


Acted as interim Sports Liaison for 2012 spring 

Club Sports Council Member 

Homecoming Committee Member 

Student worker in Registrar’s Office (experience in giving P.E. credit for club sports and            understand eligibility requirements for club leagues) 

Judicial Hearing Board Member (help interpret and apply college policy) 

Improvements for 2012-2013 

Revise club sports moratorium: I would like to revise the current moratorium which states that Carleton College will not add any new club sports for the next two years. By working with the Club Sports Council and PEAR Department, I believe we can find a solution to allow new club sports while also providing a sustainable path for the club sports program. 

P.E. credit for student organizations participating in athletics: Currently, students must be registered with a recognized club sport in order to receive P.E. credit. I promote a new policy which would allow students in both club sports and student organizations participating in athletics (such as soccer, ultimate, etc.). By working with the Registrar’s Office, I believe we can construct a new policy which allows students to receive P.E. credit, given they meet certain requirements laid out by the college. 

Homecoming: Since my time here at Carleton, Homecoming week has been relatively non-existent. I believe Homecoming should be something that students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni are excited to participate in. I also believe Homecoming should not be limited to varsity sports, but should also celebrate club sports teams. Many ideas (i.e. student band show, college bonfire, alumni golf tournament, etc.) have already been discussed within the Homecoming Committee. I would like to see these ideas be carried out, and reignite the Carleton Homecoming tradition. 

More town hall meetings: town hall meetings have been an extremely effective mechanism for students to be involved in the college’s decisions. I would like to see more of these meetings take place in order to get more students involved in policy changes, campus renovations, and more. 

Informing the student body: CSA represents Carleton’s entire student body, yet many students have no idea what decisions CSA makes throughout the year. I would like to have a weekly CSA update featured in various campus publications (Carletonian, CLAP, etc.) to keep students informed about what their governing body is actively doing. 

What do you want to see change?: Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/comments/concerns/ideas which will improve Carleton College!

Email: zweberan@carleton.edu

Justin Norden '13

My name is Justin Norden. I am a junior computer science major and have been heavily involved in club sports and the athletic community at Carleton. I have been a member of CUT - the men’s Ultimate Frisbee team since my freshman year, and have a good working knowledge about how athletics function at Carleton, especially in the realm of club sports. I have worked closely with Carleton staff such as Mikki Showers and Aaron Chaput to organize large scale events for CUT, and feel comfortable in my ability to work and collaborate with the administration.

Recently I was involved in a campaign to open more trainer’s hours for injured club sports athletes, and I am interested in furthering this effort. The project involved trying to get access to sports medicine physicians for club sports athletes. I have been in contact with Dr Koehler, a sports medicine specialist, in an attempt to make this happen. Another one of my goals for my term would be to encourage charitable work among the club sports teams.  I have participated in several such programs in the past, and not only were they individually rewarding, but this also served as a valuable team-building experience. I believe the creation of a small fund which would offer modest subsidies to teams who participated in charitable work around Northfield would be a phenomenal and efficient use of school funds. If elected, I plan to pursue these projects during my term.

College Council At-Large (non-Senate) Members (2)

Jonathan Hillis '13

College Council needs people who are knowledgeable about the processes of Student and College Governance and willing to stand up for the issues that students at Carleton care most about. I have been actively involved in governing processes for both CSA Senate and the College for the entirety of my time as a student here. I am currently a CSA Senator and a member of the College Council and College Council Budget Committee. I've also served on the College’s Admissions and Financial Aid Committee, CSA Budget Committee, and the CSA Governance Committee. I have also served as the Secretary of CSA Senate and the CSA Budget Committee. I also have direct, active leadership and decision-making experience that I have gained through my role as the National Chief of the Order of the Arrow, the highest youth position in the Boy Scouts of America.

College Council is the single most effective place for students to make a difference in college policies. I have been working extensively this year with President Poskanzer, Julie Thornton, Fred Rogers, and others to solve the big problems students are unhappy about. I have been focusing particularly on the Evans renovation and Northfield Option, and after a two-hour conversation with Stevie P. recently, I really think we are making progress. I would love to continue working on this and other projects I've been focusing on this year, like limiting the rate at which tuition is increasing by trimming the college budget, and creating a new approach for how the college handles club sports, so that some of our best sports programs aren't strapped for cash and paying thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.

I am not running for this position just to put it on a resume—I really and truly do care about college processes, and especially in a time when the college is faced with looming budgetary issues, exponentially rising tuition, an increasingly competitive college marketplace, and a new strategic planning process to help us try to navigate these problems, we need a way for the student voice to be heard loud and clear.

Yoni Blumberg '13

My name is Yoni Blumberg and I'm a rising senior Political Science major from Yarmouth, Maine. I'm running to be your College Council representative for next year. I'm running because I recognize that despite the fact that College Council has great influence over policies at Carleton, including the budget of the entire school, it is very inaccessible to most of us and this needs to change. I will make sure you have your views and opinions represented on this important body. 

I've served six terms on the CSA Budget Committee beginning with my first term (fall 2009) and am very familiar with how CSA works. I feel like Senate has made an effort in the years I've been at Carleton to become more transparent and accountable, but College Council remains very opaque. People have long promised to make College Council accessible and open, and while I'm sure these were genuine promises, in my experience this hasn't materialized. However, to make sure I successfully engage as many people as possible, I will 

1) put weekly updates in the NNB, 

2) have office hours in Sayles to talk about what College Council is working on as well as what you would like me to bring up, and 

3) hold public forums on Carleton's budget to make sure all students voices are heard rather than the lone four who happen to be elected.

While my focus on College Council will be to take all issues to the student body and solicit feedback, I will also work on college policies that are important to all of us, including improving our contract with Bon Appetit to make it more flexible (and ideally either improving the quality of our food or making it optional for all), and making the process of assigning interest-houses more transparent and demand-based.

Feel free to email me (blumbery) with any questions or suggestions. I appreciate your support, and hope to represent you next year! Thanks! Yoni Blumberg