Funding Overview

CSA allocates funding to individuals, organizations and charities in four ways depending on the purpose of the funding:

Weekly Budgeting funds organizations and individuals budgets for events, conferences, honorarium, equipment and anything else in keeping with the financial guidelines each term.

Treasurer’s Discretionary Fund funds organizations food (for one-time or once-a-month events open to all of campus) and individuals food (to share dinner with at least six fellow students and one faculty, staff and/or alum).

Spring Allocations funds organizations budgets for events, conferences, equipment and anything else in keeping with the financial guidelines but usually not new or experimental items (funded almost always by weekly budgeting) during spring term for the coming year.

Cafe Fast requests Bon Appetit convert money from unused meals on a given Friday to a selected charity on at most three days each term.

$750 for 5 students to attend an immigration conference at Dartmouth (weekly budgeting)

$70 for knitting needles and yarn for Knitting Club’s weekly meetings (weekly budgeting)

$30 for soft drinks and snacks at Chinese Club’s Karaoke Night (Treasurer’s Discretionary Fund)

$30 for soft drinks and snacks at Democratic’ Club Democratic Debate Watch (Treasurer’s Discretionary Fund)

$96 for eight students to meet with an alumnus for dinner to discuss searching for jobs and internships in the alumnus’s field of work. (Treasurer’s Discretionary Fund)

$84 for six students to meet with an activist before hearing her speak at Carleton (Treasurer’s Discretionary Fund)

Requesting Funding:
In order to apply for funding from three of the four (all except Spring Allocations), students must fill out the appropriate funding request form:

If you want funding for... event (food for a religious holiday, honorarium for a speaker, etc.)...fill out the
Event Funding Request Form here. off-campus event or conference...fill out the Off-Campus Event Funding Request Form here. and/or supplies...fill out the Equipment and Supplies Funding Request Form here.

...beverages and/or snacks at an event open to all of campus...fill out the Alternative Beverage Fund Request Form here.

...meal between students and faculty, staff or alumni...fill out the Common Meal Fund Request Form here.

...request Bon Appetit convert unused meals into donations...fill out the Cafe Fast Request Form here.

...anything else...fill out the General Funding Request Form here.

Funding Request Follow-up:
After you request funding, you will hear from someone in CSA Senate about next steps (or check the Funding Request FAQ here).

Spring Allocations Funding Request:
To request a budget for next year, you fill out a budget request in the Group Administration Page.

Note: you can only fill out a Spring Allocations request early spring term.