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CSA Textbook Exchange

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Calculus: Early TranscendentalsRogawski, Jon$100.00
Health Psychology: A Biopsychosocial AproachRichard Straub$80.00
Biochemical PharmacologyPalmer, Michael; Chan, Alice; Dieckmann, Thorsten; Honek, John$80.00
Intro Stats, 3rd editionDeveaux$75.00
Microeconomics, 9th Ed.Parkin, Michael$30.00
Kuby Immunology, Sixth EditionKindt, Thomas; Goldsby, Richard; Osborne, Barbara$30.00
Student Companion for Biochemistry: A Short CourseDeis, Frank; Gerber, NAncy; Gumport, Richard; Koeppe, Roger$28.00
Understanding American GovernmentWelch, Susan; Gruhl, John; Rigdon, Susan; Thomas, Sue$20.00
Psychology of GenderVicki S. Helgeson$15.00

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