Parental Notification

Because we work with students as adults, we expect that students will communicate directly with their family about how they are doing at Carleton.

In matters of health and safety—such as serious illness or injury—we encourage students to contact their parents, and for parents to call the Office of the Dean of Students if they have any questions or concerns. We rarely call parents directly, unless there is a life-threatening situation or a student’s enrollment is in jeopardy. Counselors and medical professionals from Student Health and Counseling cannot breach client confidentiality; consequently, on some occasions neither parents nor other College officials may know of problems.

Grade reports are sent directly to the students at the end of each term. If a student is placed on academic review (Carleton’s version of probation) by the Academic Standing Committee, letters are sent to both the student and his or her parents.

On disciplinary matters, student life staff members, usually from the Office of Residential Life or the Office of the Dean of Students, respond to incident reports and complaints. Most times this results in a conversation about what isand is not acceptable behavior. For students who engage in egregious conduct or patterns of unacceptable behavior, we address the behavior through formal disciplinary channels. The Campus Handbook includes a full description of expectations, rules, and disciplinary processes.

Student disciplinary records are confidential and are not released to third parties without the student’s consent. However, if we feel that parents need to know of a situation or pattern of behavior, we will encouragethe student to contact his or her parents. Our approach is to join in partnership with parents to ensure the well-being and success of students. In so doing, we try to avoid triangular relationships, especially those that involve secret communications between College officials and parents. That said, we are always receptive to calls from parents. Your student’s class dean can assist you by answering questions about any aspect of student academic and cocurricular life at the College.