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Council Membership


The PAC will include parents from approximately 30 households. One or both parents in each household may serve as members.


Members will be parents of current students, and may be appointed at any time. Members will be chosen to have diversity in:

  • class distribution
  • geographic distribution
  • profession, occupation, community interests


Prospective members may be recommended to the president by any member of the College community, including:

  • alumni
  • faculty
  • administration
  • parents


Members will serve while their student is enrolled.

Duties of Members

Members have the following duties and responsibilities, with additional duties occasionally requested by the president:

  • actively support the mission of the College by attending and participating in meetings of the PAC
  • volunteer as possible with the Career Center, Admissions Office and Parents Fund
  • participate in parent outreach activities sponsored by the PAC
  • be informed about matters of interest to the College community

Council Members 2015-16

Simon Foster and Nikki Sorum P'16, Minneapolis, MN (Co-Chairs)

Robert and Karen Anderson P'18, Stillwater, MN

George and Barbara Beal P'16, Chestnut Hill, MA

Lisa Bernstein P'17, Washington, DC

Paul Bindler and Karen Zimmerman P'16, Mamaroneck, NY

Scott and Sally Browning P'15, P'19, Salt Lake City, UT

John and Elizabeth Cahill P'16, Charleston, SC

Carlton Calvin and Mary Blodgett P'19, San Marino, CA

Richard Capelouto and Gina Maya P'17, Palo Alto, CA

Michael and Tucker Coombe P'19, Cincinnati, OH

John and Katherine Davis P'13, '16, Neenah, WI

Michael and Catherine DeMane P'19, Wayzata, MN

Ralph and Karen Derrickson P'19, Bainbridge Island, WA

Hartmut Esslinger and Patricia Roller P'17, Los Gatos, CA

Robert and Joy Greenberg P'18, Larchmont, NY

Bob and Julie Gordon P'17, Nashville, TN

Scott and Lin Higgins P'16, Greenwich, CT

Thierry and Shelly Ibri P'16, Excelsior, MN

James and Theresa Kilman P'11, P'16, Scarborough, NY

Garrick Leonard and Leslie Feder P'19, Brooklyn, NY

George and Dominique Lightbody P'18, Etna, NH

David and Gretchen Livingston P'16, P'18, Evanston, IL

Richard and Marcia Mishaan P'18, New York, NY

Richard and Noel Moore P'17, Kittrell, NC

Kiyoshi Nakasaka and Maureen McRaith P'17, Chevy Chase, MD

Hugo and Lee Ann Patterson P'18, Los Altos, CA

Mark and Lisa Pattis P'19, Highland Park, IL

Stephen and Mary Preston P'19, Washington, DC

Hugh Porter and Jill Soltero P'18, Portland, OR

Itzhak and Liz Reichman P'19, San Antonio, TX

Jonathan Rothbard P'17, Sonoma, CA

Steven Rouhandeh and Lynn Frielinghaus P'13, '17, New York, NY

David and Melissa Rubin P'16, Austin, TX

Rick Ruvkun and Julie Glickstein P'18, New York, NY

Kuresh Sarjan and Gurpreet Grewal P'16, Hong Kong

John and Patti Scribner P'16, Lake Forest, IL

T.M. Scruggs, Jr. and Laurie Graham P'19, Berkeley, CA

Yiji Starr P'16, Wayland, MA

Gerard and Heem Juay Tan P'10, '13, '16, Singapore

Whitney and Susan Tilson P'18, New York, NY

Walter and Leslie Tsui P'19, Wellesley, MA

Timothy Wang and Gregg McCarty Wang P'19, New York, NY

Rod and Gina Ward P'19, Wilmington, DE

Jeffrey and Victoria Wilson-Charles P'16, Veneta, OR

Michael Wines and Sharon LaFraniere P'18, Scarsdale, NY