Co-Curricular Groups & Activities to Consider

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Amnesty International
Amnesty works to inform the campus of human rights issues and violations worldwide and provide the tools for direct action. Carleton's chapter writes urgent action appeals to heads of states, tables in Sayles around current issues, and organizes a variety of other programs including speakers, films, and write-a-thons.

Carleton College Republicans

The Carleton College Republicans is a student organization dedicated to expanding the reach and scope of Republican principles at Carleton College. The organization will work to promote the discussion and acceptance of Republican and conservative ideas and policy positions on the Carleton Campus, as well as and to develop political and leadership abilities among members as preparation for future service to the party, community and country.

Carls creating Political Atmosphere and Dialogue
The Carls creating Political Atmosphere and Dialogue (CPAD) is a moderate political organization that primarily spreads awareness about domestic political issues in the United States. This club aims to inform people about these political issues through public events. The club also serves as a platform for other organizations, both off and on campus, to present actions that work towards solving these issues. To help achieve these goals we would be working with other organizations, both within campus and outside.

Carleton Democrats (CarlDems)
Carleton Democrats is an organization dedicated to giving students the opportunity to participate in and learn about national, state, and local politics. As the Carleton branch of the Democratic National Committee we support the ideals of the Democratic party and strive to advance those ideals on campus, in the community, and in the state.

Carleton Democratic Socialists of America
The Carleton Democratic Socialists of America is a democratic organization dedicated to engaging and educating students in political organizing. We seek to make concrete changes in the oppressive systems around us through launching campaigns, petitioning the school administration, and engaging with local and national movements. We seek social change which accentuates democracy in all aspects of life, not least of which being the economy. Our work is fundamentally anti-racist, anti-misogynist, and profoundly democratic.

Carleton Forum
The Carleton Forum (CF) is a non-partisan student organization that seeks to foster a neutral platform for meaningful, stimulating, and provocative exchange of ideas grounded in and informed by facts and well-reasoned analysis. We sustain a vibrant intellectual environment where ideas are shared and contested through debates, discussions, and lectures. Additionally, we showcase the brilliant and diverse ideas of Carleton students, and serve as an open platform for students, faculty, and guest speakers to gather and discuss the world’s and Carleton’s most contentious topics and pressing issues. We do not believe that the marketplace of ideas should be monopolized by one side of any issue. Instead, we seek to give attention and voice to every idea, opinion, and individual at Carleton. To accomplish this, we: Showcase termly campus-wide debates between faculty members, students, and guest speakers on motions selected by the organization’s Planning Board of Directors. Work with Carleton clubs and organizations to provide a neutral platform upon which they can host discussions and debates about contentious issues related to their missions and the Carleton constituencies they serve. Work with Carleton academic departments to invite esteemed guest speakers to speak on specific issues on panels or individually. CF may debate motions and invite speakers that challenge the political and moral convictions of Carleton students. We do not intend to offend or breach the emotional sensitivities of any student. Instead, we provide a platform for every idea to be represented and challenged in a safe environment. Trigger warnings will be noted and reported to students before events. CF reinforces the integral truth that every idea matters and should be shared without suppression, devaluation, acrimony, or violation of the human autonomy of its author. Carleton students possess the irrevocable license to challenge the espoused ideas of their colleagues, professors, and external thinkers. CF elevates this maxim by preserving discourse and sustaining Carleton College as a free and inclusive marketplace of ideas.

Carleton In and Out (CIaO)
CIaO is a welcoming, queer centered group open to Carleton's LGBTA and questioning community. We meet every other week to hang out, eat, and discuss all kinds of queer-themed topics. CIaO works to make meetings open, safe, confidential, and welcoming to all.

Carleton Student Association Senate
The CSA Senate is the student governing body. As an enrolled Carleton student, students are automatically a member of CSA, giving them certain rights and responsibilities. The students elected to Senate serve the entire student body.

Carleton Students for Justice in Palestine
Carleton Students for Justice in Palestine is part of the greater National Students for Justice in Palestine network. Our work is centered around campus education and engagement with issues of freedom, justice, and equality for the Palestinian people.

Gender and Sexuality Center: Student & Alumni Organizations
GSC and Campus Groups

Food Truth
Food Truth is a Carleton College organization dedicated to raising food consciousness by examining the environmental, political, social and ethical impacts of what we eat. Food Truth organizes events, speakers, community dinners, films, workshops, and field trips to encourage discussion and advocacy around food-related issues.

Interfaith Social Action
Carleton's Inter-Faith Social Action group is an organization dedicated to promoting social justice in the Northfield community through a faith-based lens.

Minnesota Public Interest Research Group
Carleton MPIRG is part of a statewide, student-directed organization that helps college students make their voices heard in the political process. For nearly 40 years, MPIRG students have made positive change happen in public policy across the state, in our local community, and on our campus. We work on the issues we choose, in the areas of environmental sustainability, social justice, and consumer protection. MPIRG is open to all students, and we love new members!

The Northfield Initiative
The Northfield Initiative is an organization committed to increasing voter turnout in the city of Northfield by providing objective, nonpartisan information on both the voting process and the candidates themselves. We provide our content online to give people the confidence and resources they need to feel comfortable voting. Additionally, we organize educational events both on- and off-campus to encourage civic engagement.

PolitiCarl is Carleton's political magazine which runs brief editorials on current political issues. We meet every Tuesday and print one issue per term but welcome writers to publish articles to our website between issues. We invite all respectful and well-informed opinions, and we serve as a platform for political discussion and exploration.

Public Health Advocates
Public Health Advocates is dedicated to connecting students with the chance to help different organizations pursue their legislative and policy agendas, whilst building up experiences, skills, and networks. We currently have partnerships with Laura Baker Services, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, and State Rep. Todd Lippert.

Sexuality and Gender Activism
Sexuality and Gender Activism (SaGA) is Carleton’s LGBTQIA+ activism group. We address issues such as civil rights, legislation, human rights in the U.S. and abroad, community issues, college policy, and campus awareness around matters of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer interest.

Student Advocates for Reproductive Choice
Our purpose is to provide pro-choice activism opportunities each term through discussion, event planning, escorting, and workshops with an open, friendly, and respectful atmosphere. We work very closely with NARAL Pro-Choice MN so as to have the best access to current events. Our goal is to offer at least 1 event every term that will allow for campus-wide discussion, 1 tabling session to promote awareness of Days of Action and current events, and 1 clinic escort trip to allow Carls to participate by promoting choice on and outside our campus.

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)/Students for Liberty
Students for Liberty strives to develop a campus dialogue on the concept of liberty and how policies can be oriented around freedom. We will have discussions about what freedom means and how it fits in to a given situation in politics or philosophy. The discussions will be specific to particular topics from the legal status of drugs to income inequality. After, we will collaborate with other politically oriented organizations to engage in activism and conversations.