Off-Campus Studies Programs to Consider

For a complete list of study abroad opportunities, see the Off-Campus Studies site.

Carleton Programs

Carleton Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe
The Comparative Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe (WGSE) program offers students the opportunity to explore feminist and queer theory in Western and East Central Europe. The program focuses on the dynamics of European social, economic, and political systems and their influence on gender theory, policy, and women’s identities.

Non-Carleton Programs

DIS Denmark: European Politics
In this program you will visit key European political institutions and meet political actors from lobbyists to diplomats, in a hands-on examination of how Europe functions as a whole and from region-to-region. You will acquire an in-depth understanding of international affairs and enhance your intercultural skills though the mix of classroom theory and experiential field experiences.

HECUA Twin Cities: Inequality in America: Policy, Community, and the Politics of Empowerment
In the Inequality in America program students actively delve into major challenges of our time: poverty, inequality and social change. The program pursues three major framing questions utilizing a number of relevant and contested theories to frame the discussion throughout the semester. The questions are: What are some of the root causes of increasing levels of economic, political, social inequality and insecurity and how does this impact all social classes and groups in the United States? How are economic, political, and social inequality reproduced? How do we create more opportunity for all Americans squeezed by economic, political, and social inequality and what are some concrete social change tools for making these changes? To understand these questions the program looks at the economy, housing systems, education, welfare, government policies, urban sprawl, regional race and class segregation, and institutional discrimination.

IFE: Internships in Francophone Europe
IFE conducts study abroad programs in Francophone Europe, focusing on field study and internship programs in Paris, Strasbourg, and Brussels. These programs are built around doing field research in the context of a full-time internships in one of these European cities.

SIT Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights
This program examines human rights, religion, politics, and cultural diversity in Morocco contextualized within the broader region and beyond. A particular focus on gender issues includes looking at women’s roles in contemporary Moroccan society and Moroccan feminism.

IES European Union
The IES European Union program allows students to live and learn about European politics, economics, business, and international relations in multiple locations around Europe. The program is based in the centrally-located city of Freiberg, Germany. Courses taught include Global Leadership, Political Science, and German. The program also includes an intensive seminar for which students will travel for 22 days to gain exposure to the European Union.