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The Center for Public Integrity
The Center for Public Integrity was founded in 1989 by Charles Lewis. We are one of the country's oldest and largest nonpartisan, nonprofit investigative news organizations. Our mission: To enhance democracy by revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of trust by powerful public and private institutions, using the tools of investigative journalism.

C-SPAN: Congress, Politics, Books and American History
C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) is a private, non-profit company, created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a public service. Our mission is to provide public access to the political process. C-SPAN receives no government funding; operations are funded by fees paid by cable and satellite affiliates who carry C-SPAN programming.


Nate Silver’s website which features political journalism and extensive political statistical modeling and analysis.

The Hill
Newspaper coverage of the inner workings of Congress.


Founded by a Carleton alumnus,
Politico is a premier source of national political news.

Democratic National Committee (DNC)

Republican National Committee (RNC)

Carleton Convocations

Dramatic Intervention in Public Schools
Emily Schultz '05, Education Policy Director, Office of Governor Robert J. Bentley

From Carleton to Covering Congress...An Odyssey on Deadline
David Welna '80, Congressional Correspondent, Washington Desk

Working for What you Believe In: Leadership and Political Change The Wellstone Way
Jeff Blodgett '83, Founding Director, Wellstone Action