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Can We Use Critical Lenses to Read the World?

Can We Use Critical Lenses to “Read” the World?

  • We can use critical lenses to “read” the world. By looking through various people’s perspectives, we can more thoroughly understand the world. If we were narrow-minded and only looked at the world through your own perspective, the world wouldn’t make as much sense. With everyone’s perspectives, the understanding of our society makes a lot more sense.
  • Yes, in the world there are a thousand different views on many different things. In order to get a variety of outlooks on life it would be helpful to look at the world through every lens. If it is possible in a book, it can definitely be done in the real world. Everyone “reads” the world in their own eyes, the critical lenses can provide a new outlook on life.
  • Yes, our eyes are like stories in a book. We can interpret events in our lives of ones we witnessed based on lenses. Depending on the situation, our moods, or feelings we can interpret the world in different ways.
  • In some cases, one can analyze real world situations with a lens, but often the world is much to complicated to fit into a literary theory.
  • Yes, critical lenses can be used as a way to “read” the world because, regardless of what you are doing, most often you will have to analyze you situation to a certain extent. Using lenses makes people able to see more than one side of things and possibly makes situations better for themselves.
  • Yes -
Reader Response: personal response to what is going on in the world, reaction to events, etc.

Cultural: gives an explanation on why a society is behaving or acting the way it is.

Feminist: will give responses and solutions of why there is inequality and give solutions of a society.

Marxist: will explain theories on why. Those in a society act as they do because of the barriers between haves and have nots.

Psychological: dive into the psychology of the societal thoughts and feelings.

Historical: depending on where an event is occurring the response will adhere to its setting, and past history.

  • Yes, I think we can. There is always two sides to a story and when you look at events from the different sides you can often learn a lot more. The lenses cause you to do this. From using them you think more thoroughly and “broaden your horizons.”
  • No, because the world is more complex. There are feelings and separation and personal feelings. It can’t just be a bunch of facts.
  • Yes, totally. To get a wide picture ( and 3-D view) of the world, its inhabitants, and its goings on, its imperative that we see it through different lenses. My mom always lectures me what I complain about someone or something, saying that I should put myself in their shoes. Aren’t moms the wisest? Perspectives help us be clearer thinkers, better friends and very helpful mediators. While I may not say, “OK, now for the Marxist lens” or “new criticism,” but just because I don’t label them doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about them.
  • No, even when we try to understand critical lenses our understanding is filtered through our own “perspectives” or “lenses.” No intellectual theory has ever truly led scholars to understand the world. We can each use our individual understandings or critical lenses to add even more variety to our many thoughts about the world, but these learned perspectives will never come near replacing our natural ones.
  • Yes, critical lenses are devices of interpretation. Just as they are used to interpret literature they can be used to interpret the world. The psycho-analytic lens can be used to look at a person’s thoughts and motives for action in situations. Historical lenses will study the past and apply it to the present. People almost always think of something in their terms like the Reader Response lens. A book is only a collection of situations and thoughts which are possible in real life. When a critical lens is used in literature in essence it is being applied to the world. A critical lens can be used to “read” the world because there is little, if any, difference between it and the literature it is customarily used for.
  • No, we can’t “read” the world. But we can view the world from different points of view that help us see more sides of the story.
  • Yes, I believe that we can use critical lenses to “read” the world. If one reads the world through a historical lens they begin to understand why we need so much technology and what is does for us. If one reads the world through reader response, we begin to realize how important it is for one to have their own opinion and with out individual ideas the world would be a very boring and a non-creative place. The world is like a huge novel that needs to be interpreted. It has a very broad and confusing plot with a variety of settings and many different culture and themes.
  • Definitely, how we interpret the world, in different ways is just an extension of critical lenses. We don’t see the world in just one way from one perspective. We are exposed to so much and use our learning experiences from one moment to the next.
  • Of course, we do it every day, or at least I do. Watching the news, for example, I saw the news story about he woman in the military being court marshaled for adultery. One can look at this through a multitude of lenses. Through the eyes of the military: must keep its members obeying orders above all else and she lied. Feminist: its a witch hunt, military men asserting their power. Morality: this should have never happened in the first place. Society: how come the military is held accountable for things civilians are not held liable for?
  • I definitely believe that we can read the world through critical lenses. The reason I feel this way is because if we didn’t use lenses to read the world everyone would walk around with a one-track mind. Lenses help us view things, all things, in a different light. They help us understand each other and society in general. Each lens opens a door to a new possibility and isn’t that what life is like in our world, opening doors to new possibilities? Every day learning something new and then sharing your wisdom with the world? Lenses help to make us more diverse in our knowledge and then gives us the wisdom to share that knowledge, so you ask can we use critical lenses to “read” the world? Yes, I would definitely say yes.
  • Yes, we can use the critical lenses and it is important that we use the lenses in the world. By using critical lenses, people are forced to look at things in other ways then how they normally look at things. It is important in this diverse world to understand why people are diverse. It is important to look at a situation through all points of view.