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William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth

Articles on William Wordsworth by George Soule

  • Spots of Earth

    "Spots of earth" are to the Excursion what "spots of time" are to The Prelude. Spots of time exist in the mind as intimations and memories clustered about a specific personal experience. Spots of earth are both literal places related to specific stories and also mental evernts in which stories are recalled by seeing these places.
  • True and False Princesses

    In his stories, The Pastor not only focuses on themes appropriate to the Solitary’s situation, but he tailors the stories' worlds and structures and the actions of their characters so that all of these bear upon the Solitary's plight as well.
  • Three Poems: Wordsworth and Coleridge

    Readings of three poems from 1797-1798: "This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison," by Coleridge, and "We Are Seven" and "The Tables Turned" by Wordsworth.
  • The Prelude and the French Revolution

    Wordsworth drew on some of his experiences in France to add depth to his autobiographical poem.
  • John Wordsworth's Death and The Prelude

    John Wordsworth's Death and The Prelude
  • Wordsworth's Scottish Poems

    Wordsworth's Scottish Poems