Dogs and Dog-Related Activities

Kathie's Page o' Dogs

Here is a photo of my first two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Tandy and Bussey

tandy bussey

They have both passed away, but live on in my heart. They each have their own web pages that detail their individual accomplishments.

Next are my second set of Berners, Eskie and Flit. They, too, live on only in my heart.

flit and eskie

My third pair of Berners are Tackle and Lizzy. Tackle has crossed the rainbow bridge; Lizzy rules our house.

tackle and lizzy 

The two new arrivals are puppy Nimo and Tryker, the cavalier. 

nimo and tryker

I am a licensed judge of the obedience classes for the American Kennel Club, all obedience and rally classes, Judge Number 17184.