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9/8/20: Opening for undergraduate researcher on BiochemAR project!

The lab is looking for an undergraduate student researcher interested in developing skills in 1) designing and administering semi-structured interview protocols in a clinical interview setting and 2) transcribing, qualitative coding, and analysis of interview transcripts. The student will have the opportunity to work closely with project collaborators at UC San Diego (virtually for now, but potential for travel post-covid is possible :)), with the potential for continuation during summer months.

Please email Rou-Jia at if you have questions or interest. Ideally looking for a student to start by Week 3 in Fall 2020.

12/7/2019: The lab takes on ASCB Washington, DC!

Kaela Mali ('20) presented her poster on "hot gene expression and function in Caenorhabditis elegans" at the 2019 ASCB Conference in Washington, DC.

 Kaela at her poster

In addition to making our first worm debut, the lab left DC full of many many delicious foods!

3/21/19: NSF IUSE grant awarded for BiochemAR project!

The lab was awarded an NSF grant for the project entitled: "Development of Novel Augmented Reality Tool for Teaching Molecular Visualization in Biochemistry." The three-year project includes funding for 5 Carleton undergraduates and collaborations with Profs Jane Liu (Pomona College) and Thom Bussey (UCSD) to develop and assess the impact of BiochemAR for teaching Biochemistry. 

12/8-12/12/2018: The lab takes on ASCB San Diego!

ASCB 2018

Quinn McVeigh ('20) and Anna Lauriello ('20) presented posters at the 2018 American Society for Cell Biology conference in San Diego.

Anna with her poster on: "To interact or not to interact, that is the question: Potential regulation of GluR2 Q/R isoforms by ly6g6d"

Anna at her poster

Quinn with her poster on: "The role of amino-terminal domain in binding of 6g6d to AMPARs"

Quinn at her poster

The lab left San Diego stuffed full of science, sunshine, ramen, poke, and other assorted foods-- by all accounts, a successful conference trip!