Review Quotes

The Devil In the Dooryard

Devil in the Dooryard - Medium“Smith has written an updated version of Santayana's The Last Puritan, a sardonic black comedy that shows we are still as haunted by the specters of savages and witches as were our ancestors; and that the pursuit of moral purity can produce evil results. An auspicious debut.” — Library Journal

“Adroit, comic yet moving, crackling with flawless, cross-purpose dialogue, and decorously erotic.” — New York Times Book Review

“An ambitious and accomplished debut…soundly constructed and written with confidence and polish.” — Times Literary Supplement

“Daring in its conception, and…hellishly readable.” — The Observer

“Resonates with the themes of mythic America and is driven by a real story, a plot that keeps one turning pages and leaves one deeply moved, sweetly saddened with a touch of qualified hope by the outcome…the most impressive piece of fiction I’ve read in a long time.” — Brunswick Time-Record

The Divine Comedy of John Venner

Divine Comedy of John Venner Dustjacket“Fast-paced morality tale…a delight to the end. Smith is a fine stylist, subtle, witty and learned.” — Kirkus Reviews

“This is an intelligent and hilarious little novel… comic and serious, poignant and satiric, it brings you at times to break-out-loud laughter. [Smith] is an intellectual and witty writer, using his considerable powers with elegant precision.” — Washington Post Book World

“An entertaining blend of comedic buffoonery and subtle seriousness, Smith’s work is lusciously creative and completely engaging.” — Booklist

“Venner’s sexual escapades evolve into a not just funny meditation on the nature of love, both fleshly and spiritual.” — The New Yorker

“A Notable Book of the Year.” — New York Times Book Review

The Madonna of Las Vegas

Madonna of Las Vegas Dustjacket“[Smith] weaves an engrossing and funny tale and writes terrific dialogue...” — Publisher's Weekly

“An arch metaphysical mystery.” — Kirkus Reviews

The Law of Miracles

Law of Miracles cover“As marvelously varied as these stories are in terms of premise, narration, and setting, they all exhibit the same powerful sense of authenticity, creative exuberance, careful observation, and moral engagement. The Law of Miracles is intellectual, even philosophical, but its exploration of ideas never comes at the expense of its characters, whose hearts and minds Smith occupies with empathy and elegance and a fundamental regard for complexity. Chekhov said a writer's job is not to solve problems but to state them correctly, and that's exactly what Smith does in this precise and deeply imagined collection. The Law of Miracles is my favorite kind of book, both conceptual and urgent.” — Chris Bachelder, author of U.S.! and Bear v. Shark

“Nine ‘Moral Problems’ structure this wonderful book; each is a vignette or short story. . . . A final moral problem, 'A Comic Divertissement,' begins fewer than two 'seconds after the Big Bang.' For the Creator, human struggle and longing, we learn, have been little more than a caprice, the biggest trick on us all.” — StarTribune

“Stories offer reflections on conflict, morality, and provide a satisfying blend of philosophical and psychological reflection.” — The Fiction Shelf