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Recipes from the Plant Biology course

Each Spring Term the students in BIOL 236 work in groups to create handouts featuring a delicious recipe along with plant parts, history, nutrition, and fun facts.

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  • Apple Pie (333 KB PDF Document)
    Apple Pie recipe by Kellan McLemore, Vaughn Schmid, and Brian Kaletka
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    Asparagus Quiche recipe by Brianna Engelson, Ellen Drews and Sophie Daudon
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    Guacamole recipe by Zerrin Dagli, Amanda Yourd, Patrick Roberts, and Lydia English
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    Banana Bread recipe by Sarah Trautman, Angela Harrington, and Elissa Walter
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    Beet Brownie recipe by Katie Blanchard, Irene Hussey, and Sarah Stadler
  • Cabbage: Sauerkraut Brownies (449 KB PDF Document)
    Chocolate Sauerkraut Brownie recipe by Megan Brant, Lindsay Guthrie, and Anna Brezny
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    Graham Cracker Toffee recipe by Becca Greenstein and Sarah Carter
  • Hummus (47 KB PDF Document)
    Hummus recipe by Irene Hussey, Pete Kerns, Haley Golz, and Kelsey Ross
  • Chocolate Peppermint Cream Bar recipe by Kristen Dooley, Marianna Zapanta, Rose Cherneff, and Sam Kavanaugh
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    Pumpkin Butter recipe by Maddie Reynolds and Amber Armstrong
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    Pumpkin Muffin recipe by Charlotte Alster, Kathryn Gilless, Esther Liu, and Libby Nachman
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    Spinach Pie recipe by Sean Beckwith, Mike Clark, Amy Clement, and Evan Starr
  • Spinach Savory Muffins (334 KB PDF Document)
    Spinach Muffin recipe by Dia Davis, Kristine Nachbor, and Arden Caffrey
  • Wild Rice and Chickpeas (51 KB PDF Document)
    Recipes for Wild Rice and Chickpeas by Kai Knutson, Hunter Martin, Anna Newman, and Margaret Taylor
  • Carrot Cake Recipe (144 KB Word Document)
    In the 20th century carrot cake was re-introduced as a “healthy alternative” to traditional desserts.