Charter Members

Charter members are listed with the names of the institution from which their degree was received, followed by the name of the chapter and year of initiation.

Boodin, John Elof, Ph.D. (Harvard). Alpha, RI, 1895.

Gingrich, Curvin Henry, Ph.D. (Chicago). Alpha, PA, 1903.

Harris, Thomas Luther, Ph.D. (Wisconsin). Gamma, IL, 1902.

Hyskell, Ira David, M.A. (Harvard). Eta, PA, 1905.

Keith, Arthur Leslie, Ph.D. (Chicago). Alpha, NE, 1898.

McCandless, James Wilbur, B.A. (Michigan). Alpha, MI, 1908.

Vestling, Axel Ebenezer, Ph.D. (Yale). Alpha, CN, 1903.

Woods, George Benjamin, Ph.D. (Harvard). Alpha, IL, 1903.