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Tuesday 03/24/2015

Monday 03/23/2015

Sunday 03/22/2015

  • John Tischer '71: Aphorism

     If the illusion fits, intuit.
  • John Tischer '71: Americans

    Chickens in their coops
    not ready to be harvested, 
    but, on hold, still with their
    Kentucky Fried in hand, game
    on the tube, even the failures
    imagine they can still get jobs.
    It’s almost over…I mean, 
    America is already ... more
  • John Tischer '71: Aphorism

    No one has discovered the ineffable
    except those who were themselves
  • John Tischer '71: Seinfeld Rant (for R.A.B.)

    What is this thing about Ice?
    What? water gets hard and you can hit your head against it`?
    not only that, but, it can warm us or cook our food as steam....

    I want to know this....What does water ... more

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