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Welcome to Carleton Profiles!

What are Carleton Profiles?

Carleton Profiles are public pages for Carleton faculty and staff. Profile pages for students and alumni are also viewable by members of the Carleton community. Every Carleton faculty and staff member is provide with a basic profile with contact information, photo, and title — and many have enhanced their profiles with interests, background, and accomplishments.

Why set up a profile?

  1. Share your accomplishments and interests
    It’s a public page that highlights your professional accomplishments and interests to others in the college, to prospective students, and to colleagues at other institutions. It’s like a personal home page at Carleton – for some people, it may be an alternative to maintaining a personal website.
  2. Make yourself easier to find
    Once you set it up, your profile will be linked from Carleton search results, in the campus directory, and on your department’s faculty/staff page. And adding interest tags will add you to the campus directory’s new interest search – which makes it easy to find like-minded people.
  3. Help others at Carleton know who you are and what you do
    A profile page allows you to explain, in your own words, what your role is at Carleton. Someone who wonders about what you do can quickly check out your profile page to understand.
  4. (Last, but not least) It’s incredibly easy!
    We’ve already filled out the basic parts of your profile, so you can focus on adding the things people may not know about you and your work. And you don’t need to fill it all out at once — you can add a bit now and come back later to add more.

What is OK to put on my profile?

Use of Carleton Profiles is subject to the the four Profile Usage Guidelines. Go ahead and read them — they’re short and sweet.

Questions about Carleton Profiles?

Carleton Profiles are a project of the Dean of the College Office and the Web Services Group. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please email