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Annette Nierobisz

Annette Nierobisz

Education & Professional History

University of Winnipeg, BA; Queen's University at Kingston, MA; University of Toronto, PhD.

At Carleton since 2000.

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Sociology and Anthropology

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Annette Nierobisz has been at Carleton since 2000. With research interests broadly situated in the sociology of work and occupations and the sociology of law, Annette’s research highlights the impact of macro-economic forces on individual lives and in the realm of law. Her dissertation, completed at the University of Toronto in 2001, examined how judges decided employment dismissals that were submitted to Canadian courts over a time span that captured the emergence of downsizing practices and two periods of severe economic recession. A current project examines how older workers who have lost their jobs in the Great Recession experience unemployment.

In 2006 Annette was invited to be the Senior Researcher at the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In this two year appointment she completed projects that examined a number of human rights issues including discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, discrimination on the basis of disability, and the discriminatory impact of national security policies.

At Carleton Annette teaches courses such as Introductory Sociology; Methods of Social Research; Working Across the Life Course; Myths of Crime; and Girls Gone Bad: Women, Crime and Criminal Justice.

Women’s and Gender Studies

Winnipeg, B.A.; Queen's, M.A.; Toronto, Ph.D. Research interests are in the areas of the sociology of law, work and occupations, and gender. Her dissertation research explored the connections between law and the economy, specifically how judges respond to workplace wrongful dismissals in eras of economic uncertainty. Has also been involved in research that examined workplace sexual harassment complaints lodged with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In addition to teaching introductory sociology, Annette also teaches research methods, the sociology of law, the sociology of work and occupations, and criminology. Began teaching at Carleton in 2000.

Profile updated March 13, 2018

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