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Beverly Nagel

Beverly Nagel ’75

Education & Professional History

Carleton College, BA; Stanford University, MA, PhD.

At Carleton since 1980.

As Listed on Department Faculty Pages

Latin American Studies

Beverly Nagel (sociology) received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Stanford University. Her research interests concern rural development, grassroots action, and social change in Latin America. Her current research focuses on agricultural development, ethnic relations, and social movements on
Paraguay's eastern frontier. She has also conducted research on rural development and migration patterns in Mexico, and has served as a consultant on both urban and rural development projects for the Inter-American Development Bank and the Fundación Intermon. In addition to introductory sociology, she teaches courses on social research methods, Third World development, population, social movements, and the ethnography of Latin America.

Dean of the College Office

Dean Nagel oversees the faculty and academic programs of the College. She is responsible for faculty recruitment, review and promotion, as well as review of academic departments and programs.  Dean Nagel also oversees the Gould Library and Information Technology Services (ITS).  The Dean is co-chair of the Education and Curriculum Committee, and chairs the Budget, Faculty Personnel, Faculty Curricular Planning and Faculty Grants Committees.  She is the chief academic officer of the College, and is a member of College Council.

Profile updated June 1, 2018

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