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Christina Farhart

Christina Farhart

Education & Professional History

University of Minnesota: MA, PhD

Colorado State University: BA, MA

As Listed on Department Faculty Pages

Political Science

Office Hours: W 10:00-3:00 & by appointment

Spring Class Schedule (4/1/19-6/5/19):
POSC 302 Subordinated Politics and Intergroup Relations, T Th 10:10-11:55 in Weitz 231
POSC 230 Methods of Political Research, T Th 1:15-3:00 in CMC 110

Christina Farhart completed her PhD at the University of Minnesota in August 2017 in the fields of American politics and political methodology, with a minor in political psychology. She holds a BA in Political Science and Psychology, as well as an MA in Political Science from Colorado State University and an MA in Political Science from the University of Minnesota. Prior to her graduate work at the University of Minnesota, she worked for the National Science Foundation in the Division of Social and Economic Sciences and as a grant coordinator for the American Educational Research Association. Professor Farhart’s research interests are anchored in political participation and civic engagement, utilizing theories from political science, psychology, and mass communication. Her dissertation work focuses on political disaffection and learned helplessness in contemporary political contexts related to conventional and unconventional political behavior, as well as consequential political attitudes and beliefs. Her research also includes the use of alternative methodologies to study electoral behavior and political attitudes, e.g., implicit candidate evaluations and better-informed models to explain political participation and voter turnout. Beyond her dissertation work, she and her coauthors are studying the political and psychological explanations for conspiracy endorsement and political misinformation.


Profile updated July 30, 2018

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