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Cherif Keita

Cherif Keita

  • William H. Laird Professor of French and the Liberal Arts, Director of French and Francophone Studies, French and Francophone


Chérif Keïta teaches Francophone literature of Africa and the Caribbean, as well as advanced languages courses. A native of Mali, he has published books and articles on both social and literary problems in contemporary Africa. His special interests include the novel and social evolution in Mali, oral tradition, and the relationship between music, literature and culture in Africa. Professor Keïta also leads the Carleton Francophone Off-Campus Studies Program in Mali.

See a video portrait of Chérif Keita by the Minnneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

Education & Professional History

Institut Supérieur de l'Etat de Traducteurs et Interprètes (Brussels)

University of Georgia, MA, PhD.

At Carleton since 1985.

Highlights & Recent Activity

Singing Storytellers
October 2014 Radio docuentary about the Sunjata Epic (Sunjata fasa):

The Crisis in Mali
April 2012 video commentary about the Malian crisis

Media links about my newest film and research project in South Africa:

A Pioneer Lost and Found
The Star (South Africa), January 2016

Remember to call at my grave
The Witness newspaper (South Africa), September 2013

The forgotten role of Nokutela Mdima Dube in the founding of South Africa’s ANC
Africa is a Country blog, November 2013

Remember to call at my grave: Madiba and John Dube
Africa is a Country blog, December 2013

Northfield, Mandela and Me
Northfield Historical Society website, December 2013

Her contributions to South Africa were unknown, but a new film aims to change that
PRI's The World radio program, May 2014

The pioneering woman the world forgot
BBC News, June 2014

L'épopée des musiques noires
Radio France Internationale, May 2015

The Nokutela Dube story captivates South Africa during Women's Month, August 2015:

The story of Nokutela Dube
A 45-minute call-in show on SABC radio, August 2015

Labour Wrap: Pledges do nothing for women
News24 (Cape Town), August 2015

Remembering Nokutela
Audio interview on Classic FM (Johannesburg), August 2015

Various written media sources about the Nokutela Dube story:

Remembering Nokutela Dube, a pioneer forgotten
The South African, August 2015

Bruce's List: A daily guide to informed reads
Financial Mail (South Africa), July 2015

Lunch with Nokutela Mdima, the First Wife of John Dube
UKZN Ndaba Online, August 2015

Lost and found: The forgotten heroine
News24 (Cape Town), August 2015

A Paris premiere for “Remembering Nokutela,” June 27, 2015:

Professeur Chérif Kéïta, héraut de la mémoire

Aubervilliers, projection-débat sur l'Afrique du Sud

Chérif Keïta speaks about two of his books on Malian national TV:

Cherif Keita Interview About Massa Makan Diabaté (French)

Cherif Keita Interview About Salif Keita (French)

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Profile updated October 14, 2016

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