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Cynthia Shearer

Cynthia Shearer

Education & Professional History

Pembroke College, Brown University, AB; University of California (Los Angeles), MA.

At Carleton since 1989.

As Listed on Department Faculty Pages

French and Francophone Studies

 Cynthia Shearer (A.B., Brown University, M.A., University of California, Los Angeles) is a former Woodrow Wilson Fellow who specializes in French language and contemporary culture. She directs the Language Center, teaches French language, and has a special interest in computer-assisted language learning. She has been active in the formulation of several Mellon grant proposals to enhance language learning at Carleton through technology, has participated in numerous conferences, and held administrative positions in both the Midwest Association of Language Learning Technologies and the International Association of Language Learning Technologies. Cynthia also advises students and faculty on self-access language learning. In her free time she pursues a passion for origami, yoga, and garment construction.

Profile updated October 3, 2013

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