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Daniel Hernandez

Daniel Hernandez

  • Associate Professor of Biology, Biology

Education & Professional History

University of Kansas, BS; University of Minnesota, PhD.

At Carleton since 2009.

Languages Spoken

Highlights & Recent Activity

For current highlights, follow the Carleton Ecology Lab on Twitter @Eco_Carls

Recent Publications (undergraduate co-authors are marked with an asterisk)

  • *Noe, R. *E. Nachman, *H. Heavenrich, B. Keeler, D.L. Hernández and J. Hill. 2016. Assessing uncertainty in the profitability of prairie biomass production with ecosystem service compensation. Ecosystem Services 21: 103-108.
  • Hernández D.L., D.M. Vallano, E.S. Zavaleta, Z. Tzankova, J.R. Pasari, S. Weiss, P.C. Selmants, and C. Morozumi. 2016. Nitrogen pollution is linked to U.S. listed species declines. BioScience 66: 213-222.

"BioScience Talks" podcast of Hernández and Zavaleta describing our research on N pollution and listed species declines (

  • *Beck, J.J., D.L. Hernández, J.R. Pasari, and E.S. Zavaleta. 2015. Grazing maintains native plant diversity and promotes community stability in an annual grassland. Ecological Applications 25: 1259-1270.
  • *Nisi, A.C., D.L. Hernández, *L.P. English, and *E. Rogers. 2015. Patterns of selective herbivory on five prairie legume species. American Midland Naturalist 173: 110-121.
  • Pasari, J.R., D.L. Hernández, and E.S. Zavaleta. 2014. Interactive effects of nitrogen deposition and grazing on plant species composition in a serpentine grassland. Rangeland Ecology and Management 67: 693-700.
  • Hernández, D.L., *E.H. Esch, *C.J. Alster, M.J. McKone, and P. Camill. 2013. Rapid accumulation of soil carbon and nitrogen in a prairie restoration chronosequence. Soil Science Society of America Journal 77: 2029-2038.
  • *Esch, E.H., D.L. Hernández, J.R. Pasari, *R. Kantor, and P.C. Selmants. 2013. Response of soil microbial activity to grazing, nitrogen deposition, and exotic cover in a serpentine grassland. Plant and Soil 366: 671-682.

Recent Presentations

  • Dan Hernández gave a talk at the 2017 Ecological Society of America annual conference in Portland, OR: Experimental community assembly with and without dominant grasses in tallgrass prairie: biotic and abiotic effects on litter decomposition
  • Dan Hernández gave a talk at a SF Bay Area Carleton Alumni gathering in Berkeley, CA: Managing impacts of nitrogen pollution to threatened species and ecosystems.
  • Dan Hernández gave a talk in the 2017 Northfield COWS series (Conversations On the Wonders of Science): Fixing Nitrogen: can we feed humanity without destroying the planet?
  • Eco_Carls lab member Emma Velis presented her research and received an award of excellence at the annual conference of MOSES (Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service):

*Velis, E., D.L. Hernández, A. Wills. 2017. Investigating the effects of compost tea on nutrient cycling on an organic blueberry farm. MOSES Organic Farming Conference, La Crosse, WI.

  • Dan Hernández contributed to an organized session, "Land, Water and Wildlife: Tackling Conservation Challenges through Creative Science" at the 2016 SACNAS Conference in Long Beach, CA.
  • Dan Hernández and Mark McKone each gave presentations on research from the Carleton Arboretum at the 2016 Ecological Society of America conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. "Experimental community assembly with and without dominant grasses in tallgrass prairie."
  • Eco_Carls lab member Delaney Vail presented her research at the annual conference of MOSES (Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service):

*Vail, D., D.L. Hernández, A. Wills. 2016. Compost tea has no effect on leaf chemistry or soil microbial activity in two varieties of organic blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum).

  • Eco_Carls lab member Cam Shorb presented his research at the annual conference of the Minnesota Chapter of the Wildlife Society:

*Shorb, C., *L. Freymiller, D.L. Hernández. 2016. Differential responses of prairie rodents to edge effects from recreational trails.

Organizations & Scholarly Affiliations

Ecological Society of America (ESA)

Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)

Courses Taught This Year

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Dr. Hernandez is an ecosystem ecologist researching the effects of changes in plant communities (from disturbance, herbivory, and loss of biodiversity) on carbon and nutrient cycling in savannas and grasslands. Current research includes investigating the consequences of nitrogen deposition and cattle grazing on serpentine grasslands in California and the role of mammalian herbivores in the structure and function of restored prairies in the Arb. He teaches courses on Ecosystems Ecology, Global Change Biology, Grassland Ecology, and Introductory Biology.

Profile updated September 12, 2017

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