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David Liben-Nowell

David Liben-Nowell

Education & Professional History

Cornell University, BA; Cambridge University, MPhil; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD.

At Carleton since 2005.

Courses Taught This Year

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Computer Science

David's Webpage

Research interests: computational social science, algorithms, social networks

Cognitive Science

David Liben-Nowell is a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science at Carleton.  His research interests include a variety of applications of the techniques of theoretical computer science to questions arising within and beyond computer science, especially the social sciences.  His work has focused particularly on large-scale information networks, particularly social networks, and their evolution.  David has also recently worked on problems in algorithmic game theory, information propagation, and psycholinguistics, and has just published a textbook on discrete math specifically geared for computer science students (Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science), which he rather hopes you might decide to read.

David's Liben-Nowell's faculty home page

Profile updated November 3, 2016

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