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Douglas Marshall

Douglas Marshall

Education & Professional History

Williams College, BA; Harvard University, MA, PhD.

At Carleton since 2014.

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Williams College, B.A.; Harvard University, Ph.D.

Douglas Marshall received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 2011 and was subsequently a postdoctoral fellow at the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Minnesota. He joined the Carleton College philosophy department as an Assistant Professor in the fall of 2014.

Doug’s research focuses on the early modern period and on the philosophies of mathematics and of the natural sciences.  His recent publications include “Galileo’s Defense of the Application of Geometry to Physics in the Dialogue” and “Leibniz:  Geometry, Physics, and Idealism”.  His philosophical interests rest primarily in metaphysics and epistemology, broadly construed.  At Carleton, Doug thoroughly enjoys going for walks in the arboretum and is a frequent patron of Burton and the LDC.

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