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Eric Egge

Eric Egge ’94


I teach courses throughout the introductory level of the Mathematics curriculum, including Calculus of all sorts, Linear Algebra, and Introduction to Mathematical Structures.  At the upper level I teach a variety of courses in Combinatorics and Abstract Algebra, including regular seminars on advanced topics in graph theory, enumerative combinatorics, and symmetric functions.  My research interests are in Algebra and Combinatorics, and I have published papers on the Terwilliger algebra, pattern-avoiding permutations, Legendre-Stirling numbers, Jacobi-Stirling numbers, and symmetric functions.  I have a particular interest in mentoring undergraduate research, and I have worked with students on projects involving pattern-avoiding permutations, Legendre-Stirling numbers, alternating sign matrices, and harmonic functions on Young's lattice.

Education & Professional History

Carleton College, BA; University of Wisconsin (Madison), MA, PhD.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Gettysburg College, 2000-2005.

At Carleton since 2005.

Teaching & Research Interests

Personal Interests

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Profile updated May 21, 2018

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