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Fernando Contreras

Fernando Contreras


Fernando Contreras, born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, has taught Spanish language and culture in Asia and Europe. Most recently, he worked at the Instituto Cervantes and Metropolitan University in Prague, Czech Republic. With an undergraduate degree in International Relations and a Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, Fernando brings a sociopolitical aspect to his teaching and he believes in language acquisition as a means to open his students' minds to the diverse richness of our global society.


Education & Professional History

His Masters thesis focused on how to effectively integrate technology into the classroom to enhance learner experience. In addition, Fernando is a proponent of the communicative approach and student-centered learning. He has given numerous workshops on task-based learning, guided discovery and effective methods of error correction.   

Spanish Language Instructor at Metropolitan University,Prague, Czech Republic

Lead Spanish Teacher at Caledonian School, Prague, Czech Republic

Spanish Language Teacher at Instituto Cervantes, Prague, Czech Republic

English Language Teacher at BKC International House, Podolsk, Russia

Spanish Language Teacher at SAIFA Organization, Sakurai City, Japan

World History and Art in the 20th Century teacher- Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

Organizations & Scholarly Affiliations

President of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese - Minnesota chapter - 2017

Profile updated August 21, 2018

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