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Fernan Jaramillo

Fernan Jaramillo

Education & Professional History

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogotá), BS; Columbia University (NY), PhD.

At Carleton since 1999.

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Dr. Jaramillo is a neurobiologist interested in sensory systems. His work focuses on the hair cell, the mechanosensory receptor of the auditory, vestibular, and lateral line systems. Current research interests include the study of mechanoelectrical transduction, molecular motors in the hair cell, the role of noise in sensory processing, and the physiology of synaptic transmission. He teaches Neurobiology, Human Physiology and a Neuroscience seminar.

Cognitive Science

I am interested in how the nervous system acquires, processes, and relays information. This subject can be successfully approached by studying the cellular mechanisms underlying sensory transduction and synaptic transmission in the various sensory systems.

Profile updated December 11, 2012

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