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Profile Usage Guidelines

As you fill out your profile, keep these four things in mind:

1. Your profile is public.

Simply put, don't put anything on your profile that you don't want in Google.

2. Your profile represents both you and Carleton.

See that blue bar up there? It means that your profile is part of Carleton's official web site. So whatever you say in your profile reflects back on Carleton.

3. Your profile is subject to Carleton's community standards.

Go over there and read them. Yeah, we know they are long. It's okay. We'll wait. But it seemed silly to come up with a set of rules just for profiles when we already have standards about what's acceptable behavior within the Carleton community. Anything on a profile that violates Carleton's community standards is subject to removal.

4. Faculty and staff: your profile photo will be used as your directory photo. it should be recognizably you. If it is a picture of your cat, it may be removed so that easily confused visitors do not think Carleton employs cats.

That's it! You can edit your profile now.