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Gary Wagenbach

Gary Wagenbach

  • Winifred and Atherton Bean Professor of Biology, Science, Technology, and Society, Emeritus, Biology

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Dr. Wagenbach, an invertebrate zoologist worked on the population biology of threatened freshwater mussels in regional rivers. He taught a variety of courses during his 39 years at Carleton including at off-campus locations, environmental studies courses, and served a stint as Director of Environmental and Technology Studies.  At present he is helping with teacher professional development in a new K-12 school in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).  Please contact Dr. Wagenbach at

Environmental Studies

Dr. Wagenbach is trained as an invertebrate zoologist and parasitologist, is examining the population biology of freshwater mussels in regional rivers. The general goal of his research is to better understand the conservation of rare and endangered species. He taught Biology of the Invertebrate Animals, Marine Biology, Aquatic Biology, environmental studies courses, and a seminar on parasitism. He served as Director of Environmental and Technology Studies.

Profile updated June 17, 2016

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