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Jay Levi

Jay Levi

Education & Professional History

Harvard College, AB; Cambridge University, MPhil; Harvard University, PhD.

At Carleton since 1993.

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Sociology and Anthropology

Jerome ("Jay") Levi, (M. Phil Cambridge, A.B., Ph.D. Harvard) is Professor of Anthropology at Carleton. He teaches and publishes widely on anthropological approaches to the study of ethnicity, religion, economics, and indigenous rights, and has conducted fieldwork with indigenous peoples in Mexico (focusing on the Tzotzil and Tarahumara), the Southwest United States, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Israel, and the West Bank. Over the years, his work on the human rights of indigenous peoples has been presented to the United States Congress, the World Bank, and the United Nations.

Latin American Studies

(anthropology) (M.Phil. Cambridge, Ph.D. Harvard) is interested in the ethnography of the Greater Southwest and Mesoamerica. In Mexico, he has conducted research among the Tarahumara (RarĂ¡muri) of Chihuahua, and the Tzotzil of Chiapas. In the U.S., he has worked with indigenous peoples of southern California and on the Hopi-Navaho land dispute. His current research focuses on the politics of identity, symbolism, and interethnic relations in the Sierra Tarahumara of northwest Mexico. Jay teaches courses on the comparative history of native peoples and the state in Mexico, Canada, and the U.S.; ethnicity, gender, and exchange in Latin America; and anthropological approaches to the study of religion, economics, and indigenous rights.

Profile updated October 29, 2013

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