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Janell Rothenberg

Janell Rothenberg


My research is based in Morocco, where I have been living intermittently since 2005. During my dissertation research, I conducted ethnographic research with Moroccans working at a new mega-port built a mere nine miles from Europe. In my manuscript, Making Morocco's Mega-Port, I draw on this research in order to examine the aspirations of global connection and the practices of everyday logistics. This study reveals multiple planned and unplanned ways through which global commodity movement is assembled in a local context. My subsequent research projects include a study of European borders as experienced by Moroccan truck drivers, conflicts between "green" and "social" responsibility in economic development, and urban justice movements for energy equality.  

In addition to teaching Introduction to Anthropology (SOAN 110, Fall 2016) and Anthropology of Good Intentions (SOAN 203, Fall 2016), I will be teaching two new anthropology courses at Carleton tentatively entitled, "Oil, Water, and Sand: Environmental Anthropology of the Middle East" (Winter 2017) and "Anthropology of Emerging Technologies" (Spring 2017). I look forward to supporting students interested in a range of topics including the anthropology of economy, environment, and the city; science and technology studies; the Middle East, North Africa, and Mediterranean regions; and global studies of work, mobility, and spatial transformation.

Education & Professional History

Hampshire College, BA; New York University, MA; University of California, Los Angeles, PhD.

Highlights & Recent Activity

Rothenberg, Janell. “Ports Matter: Supply Chain Logics and the Sociocultural Context of Infrastructure in Port Studies.” Mobility in History Yearbook, vol. 8 (2017). [Forthcoming]

Rothenberg, Janell. “Representing the Post-Port City: Rap and Redevelopment in Tangier, Morocco.” Invited submission to The City. Spec. issue of Etnofoor. [Under review]

Rothenberg, Janell. Making Morocco’s Mega-Port: The Everyday Logistics of Circulation and Infrastructure in Global Tangier. Public Cultures of the Middle East and North Africa. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. [Under review]

Organizations & Scholarly Affiliations

American Anthropological Association

American Institute for Maghrib Studies 

Middle East Studies Association

Society for Cultural Anthropology 

User Experience Professionals Association

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Profile updated September 5, 2016

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