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Morgan Rood

Morgan Rood

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Linguistics

Education & Professional History

Boston College, BA; Georgetown, PhD.

At Carleton since 2017.

As Listed on Department Faculty Pages

Middle East Studies

Morgan Rood (B.A., Boston College, Ph.D. Georgetown University) teaches courses in linguistics with a specialty in Semitic languages. Her primary area of research includes the morphology and syntax of the Modern South Arabian languages, an understudied set of Semitic languages spoken in Yemen and Oman. In addition to Modern South Arabian, Morgan has also investigated the structure of Yemeni Arabic and Amharic (spoken in Ethiopia), as well as conducted fieldwork in Israel, Yemen and the UAE. Morgan is also interested in language policy and the status of linguistic minorities in the Middle East. You can find out more about Morgan’s current research and fieldwork at her website,

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