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Paula Lackie

Paula Lackie

Education & Professional History

Paula has been at Carleton since 1993. Here is her bio from the ITS site. And here is here is her vita




Highlights & Selected Accomplishments

I enjoy working with faculty and and students on a wide variety of data management and research process projects. I have a long history of organizing presentations and publications with students and faculty as well. I can help you: 

  • Be sure that you measure what you want to measure.
  • Be sure that you want what you do measure.
  • Be sure that you can find what you have gathered when you need it.

If you wait until you think you are ready to see me, it may be too late. Make an appointment as you start to think about a project - even if it is totally fuzzy in your mind - and I will help you realize your goals.

I'm currently working on more concrete methods for smaller-scale image management challenges, where a collection of images (or other media) is usually only part of the larger research project but occupies a disproportionate amount of organizational attention. 

Professional Organizations & Affiliations

IASSIST, ICPSR, Educause, and etc.

As Listed on Department Staff Pages

Academic Technology

Paula has worked in Academic Technology since before the internet revolution. Her graduate work was in Political Science, International Relations, and Public Policy but her academic passion has always been research design and the resulting data.  Paula consults with students, faculty, and staff to solve or mitigate problems. This is often about a sustainable workflow, data management planning, curation activities (including data presentation), and developing instructional programming and coordinating with colleagues in ITS and the Gould Library. Winner of the 2011 William H. Flanigan Award for Distinguished Service as an ICPSR Official Representative, Paula is also active in the diverse community of people who tend to the past, present, and future of research data, Big Data, and the flow of information.

Point of contact for: Economics, Philosophy, Sociology and Anthropology, Political Science

Profile updated January 19, 2018

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