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Rodney Oto

Rodney Oto

About Me

Having grown-up in Hawaii, a lot of people ask me what I'm doing in Minnesota.  Well, it's a long story.  But, the short version is that I've followed the opportunities that have been made available to me during my career.  That's how I got to a great place like Carleton.  It just happened to be in Minnesota.  During my time here, I've learned that there actually is a similarity between Hawaii and Minnesota.  And, it's in the people here and how they treat you.  Without question, both places have friendly, inviting individuals open to knowing who you are.  In Hawaii, we call this the "Aloha Spirit" and here it's know as "Minnesota Nice." 

My wife is from Iowa and we have 2 grown kids, both who are teachers.  We also have 2 dogs and a cat. 

Education & Professional History

I started at Carleton in 1999.  Prior to that I have worked at the University of Minnesota, Morris Campus, Austin College in Texas and Colorado College in Colorado Springs.  I started in this business at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

I have a Bachelors Degress from Coe College and an Ed.M. from Harvard University. 

Professional Organizations & Affiliations

I'm very interested in how colleges and universities help students and families finance their college education.  To help our profession develop the right and appropriate tools to get this done, I've been involved with the College Board, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators and the Consortium on Financing Higher Education. 

Profile updated June 8, 2018

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