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Rou-Jia Sung

Rou-Jia Sung

  • Assistant Professor of Biology, Biology


As an undergraduate, Rou-Jia was fascinated by the power of X-ray crystallography to reveal the unseen structures of the proteins that governed our biology. During graduate school she learned how to use protein biochemistry and structural biology as tools to study how DNA repair enzymes locate and recognize their damaged DNA substrates. As a postdoc she applied these skills towards studying proteins in their native environments, learning how to use cell-based assays to learn more about protein function.

Her current interests involve understanding the regulation of AMPA receptors by the ly-6 protein family. AMPA receptor trafficking is highly regulated not only by the primary sequence of the protein itself, but also by auxiliary proteins that associate with the receptor at different points in its biogenesis. She hopes to combine techniques from cell biology, protein biochemistry, and structural biology to ascertain whether or not the ly-6 protein family could regulate AMPA receptor function in a similar fashion as these auxiliary proteins.

Education & Professional History

University of California at Berkeley, BA; Harvard University, MA, Harvard University, PhD.

At Carleton since 2017.

Profile updated September 21, 2017

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