QuIRK Goals for Student Learning

QuIRK sets programming priorities by identifying needs through the assessment of student performance. In the summer of 2004, the QuIRK Steering Committee read a sample of papers drawn from 100 student writing portfolios to enumerate goals for QR proficiency along with outcomes associated with each. The Committee identified a set of four goals and outcomes for QR in student writing.

Goal 1. Think quantitatively


1. State questions and issues under consideration in numerical terms.
2. Identify appropriate quantitative or numerical evidence to address questions and issues.
3. Investigate questions by selecting appropriate quantitative or numerical methods.

Goal 2. Implement competently


4. Generate, collect, or accesse appropriate data.
5. Use quantitative methods correctly.
6. Focus analysis appropriately on relevant data.

Goal 3. Interpret and evaluate thoughtfully


7. Interpret results to address questions and issues under consideration
8. Assesse the limitations of the methods employed, if appropriate to the task or assignment

Goal 4. Communicate effectively


9. Present and/or report quantitative data appropriately