Reunion 2012 Class Photos

To download a digital copy or purchase a hard copy of your class photo, please visit photographer Andy King's website at:

The 25th and 50th-75th Reunion attendees will receive a copy of their class photo in the mail.  Please do not order one unless you would like more than one copy.


For digital copies:

  1. Move your mouse cursor to the top left hand corner of the photo. 
  2. A small drop down menu will appear. 
  3. Select "DOWNLOAD" and move over to "Original (3600 x 2400)" to download a digital copy of your class photo.
  4. To obtain an ID key (these are not available online for privacy reasons), please send a note with class year requested to and one will be emailed to you.

For hard copies ($10 each, includes shipping):

  1. After finding your class photo, click “Select product” under the “Buy” shopping cart icon
  2. For the standard photo, choose the first option by clicking “Select” under the “Best Fit” choice
  3. Select “Color” or the paper type you desire and click “Add to Cart”
  4. Click “Checkout Now” to order your photo
  5. Click “Checkout Now” on the right hand side of the screen or adjust your order if changes are needed
  6. Select “Guest Checkout” on the right column
  7. Fill out your information to ship your order and click “Continue to Checkout”.  Continue to fill out the information to process your order.
  8. To request an ID key, please send a note with class year requested to, or call 800-729-2586.

 Please use the photo guides on the right side of the screen if you need further assistance.