Who's Coming

 Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your name to be reflected on this page after registering. 

Thank you for your understanding.

The lists below show attendees' preferred names as listed in Carleton's alumni database. Name tags generated for Reunion weekend reflect any other preference entered during registration.

All alumni, regardless of class affiliation, are welcome to attend Reunion each year! 

59 members of the class of 1972 (80 total attendees)

AttendeesFromDate Registered
Pam (Muelhaupt) Johnson and Dwight JohnsonMNApril 25
Rick Roberts and Debby (Davidson) Roberts ’73MNApril 25
Steve WernessNCApril 23
Bonnie (Alexander) Keeling and Faris Keeling ’74MNApril 20
Becky (Gilles) RichardsonMNApril 19
Kelton BarrMNApril 18
Beverly (Jones) HeydingerMNApril 18
Jane PinskyNCApril 18
Galia GoodmanNCApril 17
Fred Hall and Lynda HallMNApril 17
John VogelVTApril 15
Craig StenbergNCApril 14
Dan Peterson and Mary (Lindahl) PetersonNVApril 12
Chris Rautman and Janice RautmanNMApril 11
Thomas Lovett and Annemarie BossertMNApril 8
John DavidsonCTApril 7
Anne Goudvis and David JohnsonCOApril 6
Kenneth Moll and Stephanie MollAKApril 1
Linda BerriSCMarch 31
Trish (Hunt) Preheim and Tim Preheim ’70MTMarch 31
Becca SiveILMarch 25
DVA Davis-Van Atta and Heather Davis-Van AttaNYMarch 24
Stan GreenbergCAMarch 24
Phil StewartMDMarch 24
Michael CunninghamKYMarch 15
Wayne Lepkin and Sheila LepkinCOMarch 15
Stan Seltzer and Nancy BrcakNYMarch 14
Marge (Krausnick) Swee and Ron SweeMNMarch 13
Ellen DeasonOHMarch 11
Greg Melville and Susan FoxCTMarch 11
Jane (Pflughoeft) PlowmanWIMarch 10
Ken Wedding ’67 and Nancy AshmoreMNMarch 10
Nancy DixonMOMarch 8
Jonathan Ice and Karla IceNMMarch 8
Bill Lyons and Janet Polasky ’73NHMarch 7
David PowellCanadaMarch 7
John Trucano and Maria (Grage) Henly ’76MNMarch 7
Terry OdeanMarch 5
Betty (Schober) Johnson and Robert JohnsonILMarch 2
Robin (Rogg) ProudWIMarch 2
Jeff HarbaughWAMarch 1
Mark Haugland and Margo StruthersMNMarch 1
Bill Kuhlmann and Diane KuhlmannMNMarch 1
Glenn McDavid and Mia McDavidMNMarch 1
Tim OnkkaINMarch 1
Steve RaishTXMarch 1
Fred Rogers and Jenny HartleyMNMarch 1
Roger TrangsrudVAMarch 1
Caesar Sweitzer and Peg (Salagovic) Sweitzer ’71NJFebruary 28
Todd Lund and Lindy LundMNFebruary 25
Ann IijimaMNFebruary 24
Carol (Cathcart) Johnson and Jack JohnsonNJFebruary 23
Larnzell MartinMDFebruary 23
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