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Who’s Coming?

The lists below show attendees' preferred names as listed in Carleton's alumni database. Name tags generated for Reunion weekend reflect any other preference entered during registration.

All alumni, regardless of class affiliation, are welcome to attend Reunion each year!

55 attendee(s) for the class of 1974

AttendeesFromDate Registered
Ed Swain and Mary KeirsteadMNApril 20
Randall MonsonOKApril 19
Art Norton and Karen Noyce ’75MNApril 17
Brian OlshanskyIAApril 14
Mark ShepardMNApril 14
Sally (Mueller) BillingWIApril 13
David KravitzVAApril 13
Jenny (Bingham) RautmanNMApril 13
Sam WrightNJApril 12
James MaxeinerNYApril 11
Matt FinucaneDCApril 10
Paul GravelleNYApril 9
Mansco PerryMNApril 9
Eric GuttagOHApril 8
Michael Young and Joan YoungNMApril 8
Sue (Swords) Swords Steffen and Joe SteffenILApril 5
Gail LewellanMNMarch 31
Tom MandtMNMarch 29
Steve BraunKSMarch 20
Mark Werness and Valerie (Morehouse) WernessMNMarch 20
David Borchert and Pat (Sand) Borchert ’75MNMarch 19
Kevin NovakPAMarch 17
Dwight Dewsnap and Kristie RandallMAMarch 14
Maggie O'ConnorMNMarch 10
Kris (Larson) Brown and Phil BrownWIMarch 8
Dick Marchessault and Ellen (Kitchener) MarchessaultILMarch 7
Jim Phillips
  • Sam Phillips ’11
WAMarch 7
Nick SchlotterMNMarch 7
Jack Ahlstrom and Julie WagenerCAMarch 6
Marti Hickner and John FlobergMNMarch 6
Richard Armstrong and Sharon ArmstrongDCMarch 3
Cathy (James) PagliaCTMarch 3
Chuck Andres and Janet AndresMNMarch 2
Marc CohenVAMarch 2
John McCrackenNJMarch 2
Barbara Merrill and Patti Hague ’73MNMarch 1
Tom Phelps and Donna (Campbell) PhelpsMIMarch 1
Patricia (Collins) Wrede and David CollinsMNMarch 1
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