Who's Coming

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The lists below show attendees' preferred names as listed in Carleton's alumni database. Name tags generated for Reunion weekend reflect any other preference entered during registration.

All alumni, regardless of class affiliation, are welcome to attend Reunion each year! 

64 members of the class of 2002 (113 total attendees)

AttendeesFromDate Registered
Elizabeth (Bruton) Adelman and Dan Adelman ’01ILMarch 1
Jesse AndersonMarch 2
Ben Basile and Emily BrownMarch 13
Jesse Belknap and Anna Scooler Belknap ’01
  • Ellen Belknap
WAMarch 15
Adam BerlinerMNMarch 13
Rachel (Branch) CarpenterUnited KingdomMarch 5
Mollie Charon and Chad SniffenWIMarch 1
Lauren ChetelTXMarch 1
Suzanne Childress and Chris Clark
  • Brigid Childress
WAMarch 14
Michael CohenMNMarch 22
Sarah DoireMNMarch 15
Steve Eichinger and Andrew EwellNYMarch 1
Veronica (Vergoth) Falandino and Michele Vergoth
  • Ronan Falandino
MIMarch 1
Ben FehsenfeldNCMarch 26
Katherine (Farrior) Gilliland and Doug GillilandMAMarch 6
Jen GoldmanWAMarch 21
Carrie (DeHart) Hinterthuer and Adam Hinterthuer ’01
  • Brynn Hinterthuer
  • Madeline (Maggie) Hinterthuer
WIMarch 1
Jeff Jensen and Elissa Jensen
  • Reed Jensen
MDMarch 3
David JonesCAMarch 22
Sara Karbeling and Adam Kurth
  • Miriam Karbeling-Kurth
  • Nuria Karbeling-Kurth
IAMarch 1
Kurt KohlstedtCAMarch 16
Muggy LeeMNFebruary 23
Liz Lewis
  • Alexander Lewis Kaplan
March 3
Jenny Lopez and Peter StricklandILMarch 3
Katja MeyerORMarch 21
Jessica (Felt) Miller and Dan Miller ’03
  • Leo Miller
  • Maxwell Miller
WAMarch 7
Judy (Wemhoff) Miyashita and Ernie MiyashitaILMarch 5
Sally Mullikin and Paul Gellerstedt
  • Ida Gellerstedt
  • Nicholas Gellerstedt
GAMarch 5
Becca NeelIAMarch 1
Kumari NelsonNYMarch 18
Bryan NelsonMNMarch 1
Colin Nichols and Emily NicholsCAMarch 3
Scott O'Reilly and Ashley (Griffin) O'Reilly ’03VAMarch 1
Carolyn Ocampo and Brian MiltonMNMarch 4
Lauren OliverCAFebruary 23
Derrick OzunaTXMarch 14
Gina PorettiMNFebruary 28
Melissa Poulsen and Derek Lee
  • Fiona Lee
  • Quinn Lee
March 2
Amanda Powell
  • Eleanor Bowles
MEMarch 3
Alison Pultz and Abby JonsonMOMarch 23
Joanna QuigleyMIMarch 1
Keith Resar and Emily (Skowronek) ResarMNMarch 1
Shaun Reynolds and Tawny Reynolds
  • Hazel Reynolds
CAMarch 16
John Riske and Blythe Riske
  • August Riske
CAMarch 3
Jeff Spence and Amy Silverberg
  • Lena Spence
COMarch 4
Lexy Spry and Emil Hoelter
  • Emrys Spry
  • Linden Spry
WIMarch 1
Elizabeth Tipson and Chris AshworthMDMarch 26
Hilary (Gittings) TretheweyDEMarch 1
Blake UlmerCAMarch 9
Merri (Weber) Vaughn and Ehren Vaughn
  • Charlotte Vaughn
  • Isaac Vaughn
March 6
Jen Wang and Sean Dougall
  • Annika Dougall
  • Cecily Dougall
  • Tessa Dougall
CAMarch 17
Sarah WeeksMarch 1
Drew Weitz and Meredith (Doerr) Weitz
  • Audrey Weitz
  • Charlie Weitz
  • Jack Weitz
NEMarch 15
Emily (Dworkin) WhitcombWIMarch 17
Renee WilletteCAMarch 1
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