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63 attendee(s) who majored in Geology

Attendees by class yearFromDate Registered
Dick Garbisch ’38FLMay 29
Dr. Leavitt C. Arnold ’62AZJune 15
Roger Ashley ’62CAMarch 2
Bobb Carson ’65PAMarch 5
Kelton Barr ’72MNApril 18
Professor Mary E. Savina ’72MNJune 15
Mr. Timothy W. Thurnblad ’76June 15
Dr. Holly L. O. Huyck ’77COJune 15
Diane Smith ’77TXJune 2
Ms. Laura J. Nadelhoffer ’78ILJune 15
Mr. Cliff Wright ’78WIJune 15
Mr. David A. Becker ’82OHJune 15
Mr. Ethan E. Bleifuss ’82MNJune 15
Ms. Lynn A. Davies ’82COJune 15
Kristin (Kennedy) Moeller ’82MNJune 17
Cathy O'Dell ’82MNMarch 19
Lisa (Wehmeyer) Ryan ’82TXMarch 2
Peter Wiegand ’82March 22
Kristin Hazard ’87ORFebruary 26
Cliff Levin ’87COMarch 1
Kea (Umstattd) Duckenfield ’91VAMarch 19
Ms. Jill M. Baum ’92WAJune 15
Andy Brydges ’92CTApril 25
Oakley Cochran ’92WAMay 7
Mr. Nicholas J. Dewey ’92COJune 15
Ms. Jennifer D. Horn ’92MNJune 15
Sean T. Kempke, M.D. ’92MNJune 15
Mr. Brent K. Nystrom ’92MNJune 15
Mr. James T. Rowe ’92COJune 15
Jen Wenner ’92WIApril 4
Mr. Philip R. Krider ’94June 15
Josh Feinberg ’97MNMay 22
Erica (Oesting) Marley ’97AKJune 15
Mr. S. Adam Soule ’97MAJune 15
Ann Zawistoski ’97MNMarch 1
Miles Mercer ’98MNApril 5
Lauren Chetel ’02TXMarch 1
Melissa Hall ’02MNJune 16
Katja Meyer ’02ORMarch 21
Hilary (Gittings) Trethewey ’02DEMarch 1
Ben Harrison ’03WAJune 17
Ms. Sarah C. Bergman ’07COJune 15
Mr. Keith T. Christianson ’07June 15
Mr. Nathaniel A. Dixon ’07CAJune 15
Mr. Jack V. Gibbons ’07MNJune 15
Dr. William R. Guenthner ’07ILJune 15
John Kracum ’07CAApril 6
Dr. Kendra E. Murray ’07June 15
Ms. Megan K. Rohrssen ’07MIJune 15
Ellen Root ’07MNMarch 22
Cliff (Swanson) Swanberg ’07LAFebruary 27
Megan (Ferre) Clendenon ’12VAJune 15
Mr. Adam C. Denny ’12WIJune 15
Mr. Zach Stewart ’12WIJune 15
Ms. Laura A. Hockenbury ’12COJune 15
Miss Elizabeth A. Lundstrom ’12MNJune 15
Sarah Marks ’12April 20
Ailsa McCulloch ’12MNJune 17
Peter Scheuermann ’12MNJune 17
Angus Vaughan ’12MNApril 17
Alex Walker ’12UTMarch 7
Nina Whitney ’12IAMarch 2
Kaj Snow ’13NCJune 15
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